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PRP for Hair Loss

Hair Regrowth Patient Review #1

This patient relied on PRP hair loss treatments to treat his hair loss across all areas of the scalp. He then decided on a hair transplant to rebuild the frontal hair line, the front 1/3 of the hair loss region.  Behind the front 1/3, the top/crown area’s have improved with visibly thicker hair, achieved with the use of PRP.
PRP for Hair Loss 1

Hair Regrowth Patient Review #2

This patient received PRP Hair Loss Treatments to his entire male pattern balding region.  After 3 x initial PRP hair loss treatments over a 6 week period, the patient’s hair appears thicker, denser and the colour of his hair strands appear darker.  This patient has not had a transplant, PRP helped him to regrow thicker hair.
PRP for Hair Loss 2

Hair Regrowth Patient Review #3

PRP is a hair loss treatment available for women as well as men. This female patient had noticed her hair start to thin & recede.  The patient’s preference was to avoid taking hair loss drugs or chemicals where possible. PRP has helped her to regrow thicker, fuller & healthier hair in less than 2 months.

Get the Facts on Hair Loss Treatments with Scott Moore

Scott Moore is supported by a team of medical professionals to deliver a suite of hair loss treatments that help men & women treat their hair loss.

Hair Loss Causes

Understanding Hair Loss

The most common form of hair loss for men & women can be called:
- Andro Genetic Alopecia
- Male Pattern Hair Loss
- Female Pattern Hair Loss
- Men’s Hair Loss
- Women’s Hair Loss
- Male Pattern Balding
- Thinning of the hair
- Etc Etc

To understand more about hair loss and alopecia, click here to read more.

Scott Moore Hair Loss Great Directions

About Great Directions

Great Directions Australia was founded by Scott Moore.  Scott Moore was contracted by Dr Barry White in 2011 to join the National Hair Institute and Dr Hair, his role was as the General Manager.  In 2012, Scott founded Great Directions and opened its first clinic in Sydney.  Great Directions offer hair loss & hair restoration treatments to men and women experiencing genetic hair loss.   Our hair loss treatments include;
- FUT / FUG Hair Transplants
- FUE Hair Transplants
- PRP Hair Loss Treatments (Platelet Rich Plasma)
- Scalp Treatments
- Scar Reduction Treatments
- Pre + Post Hair Transplant PRP Injections
- Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatments
- Finasteride Prescription Medications
- Photo Dynamic Therapy by LED Light for Hair Regrowth

We offer free hair loss consultations to help you decide what treatment option is best for you.  Book Here


PRP Hair Loss Treatment Reviews

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Review #1:  Charlie 

“I have been using PRP since 2013 and I have been able to stop using finasteride.  I am a pharmacist and I am afraid of the possible long term side effects of finasteride and I am only using PRP to slow down my hair loss.  The good news, I am noticing the hair on my crown to be thicker.  I was using another hair transplant client, but I love the experience provided by Great Directions!  I have also had one doctor tell me Scott Moore was not to be trusted. I want to spread the word; I TRUST SCOTT MOORE TO TREAT MY HAIR LOSS! I am available at seminars to meet if you want to ask me in person! I met with John Mandic at a Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic and he bagged Scott enormously, so I recommend against trusting John!  In my consultation with Scott, he would not allow me to talk about other clinics, his focus was on me, my goals and my desired results.  I trust Scott and his team at Great Directions, and I hope you do as well!”

Scott’s Comments:  Charlie is a male in his late 40′s, he has been suffering hair loss & thinning for the past 13 years.  He has tried finasteride and minoxidil in the past to treat his hair loss.  The hair loss patient initially requested a hair transplant, however I was concerned that had been unable to stabilise his hair loss – yet he had tried finasteride and minoxidil previously.  I recommended PRP hair loss treatments to see if we can stabilise his hair loss & aim to regrow his thinning hair somewhat thicker and fuller.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Review #2:  Mrs P 

“I have been noticing my hair become thinner over the years.  I tried PRP in March 2012 and since then I am a believer!  My hair has regrown thicker and I am not needing to colour it as often either.”

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Review #3:  Simon

“PRP hair loss treatments really do work!  They have worked for me and my brother!.”