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The medical term for hair loss is alopecia.  The most common form of hair loss is andro-genetic alopecia, or genetic hair loss. If a persons hair loss, thinning or recession is contained to the front, midscalp, top or crown areas of the scalp, it is most likely androgenetic alopeca.

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PRP Injections for Hair Loss are suitable for many forms of hair loss.  PRP Injections help men & women to treat hair loss without daily drugs or tablets. Great Directions have performed more than 5000 PRP Hair Loss Treatments.  Call 1300 875 277 to enquire if PRP Injections can help you.

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PRP Injections for Hair Loss start from as low as $199 per treatment with Great Directions.  Allow our experienced, qualified and registered medical staff provide you a clinic PRP hair loss treatment at great PRP treatment prices.  Our PRP Injection All Inclusive 12 month package is great value.

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The below videos have been recorded to help people to understand the causes, treatments & various options available to target genetic hair loss.

What are PRP Injections & What does PRP stand for? Get the facts on PRP Hair Loss Treatments with this video by Great Directions.

Hair Loss for men or women can be confusing & frustrating experience. Get the facts on hair loss for men with Great Directions.

Are you considering a hair transplant procedure, confused between FUE or FUT hair transplant techniques? Get the facts on hair transplants.

Hair Loss Causes
The most common form of hair loss for men & women is known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Common names for this type of hair loss include: Andro Genetic Alopecia, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Men’s Hair Loss, Women’s Hair Loss, Male Pattern Balding, Hereditary Hair Loss, Hair Recession and Genetic Hair Loss.

This type of hair loss impacts hair across the top & front of the scalp, however the hair on the sides and back of the head PLUS other hair on the person’s body, are not impacted by hair loss. When someone first experiences recession, thinning & hair loss, is can be stressful, confusing & worrying.  We offer free hair loss information, free consultations & hair loss assessments that cover: –    Review your hair loss history –    Capture what hair loss treatments you have tried. –    Educate you on the cause/s of hair loss –    Capture the OUTCOME or RESULTS that you are hoping to achieve. –    Educate you on what is vs is not possible –    Formulate a personalised & tailored hair loss treatment plan –    Provide you with a thorough written assessment.


Scott Moore Great Directions Hair Loss Consultant

Great Directions Australia is a medical & health services company that assists men & women in achieving their cosmetic and aesthetic goals. All of our hair loss treatments are proven to help clients treat their hair loss condition. At Great Directions, our goal is to thoroughly understand the expectations of every hair loss patient, we then aim to educate them on the hair loss treatment options that may assist them. Staff within our hair loss division include medical professionals, registered nurses, cosmetic nurses, skin therapists, beauty therapists, consultants and patient advisers.

The hair loss treatments are not the only cosmetic treatments provided by Great Directions. Great Directions also specialises in the following hair loss treatments;
-    Hair Transplants; Including FUE + FUT/FUG/FUSS
-    PRP Hair Loss Treatments; Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
-    Hair Loss Medications; Finasteride for example by prescription by a medical practitioner/hair loss doctor.
-    Hair Fibres; Hair Building Fibres
-    Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioner Products: Scalp to Hair by NAK Hair Care Products.

Great Directions offer free initial hair loss assessments, each assessment is thorough and a detailed written report is provided for each client. Click the box below to request a free hair loss assessment & consultation.

PRP Injections: Hair Loss Treatment Reviews

Great Directions PRP injection Reviews

Sydney PRP Injection Review #1

“I have been relying on Great Directions for more than 2 years.  I first met Scott Moore in 2012 at the Edgecliff Hair Clinic. I was originally interested in a hair transplant, I thought a transplant was a permanent hair loss treatment. Scott thoroughly educated me on my hair loss, my treatment options & the results that we can aim for.  At the time, I also visited 4 other hair loss clinics & hair transplant places, Scott was the only person to recommend against doing a hair transplant.  He wanted me to try to stop my thinning and hair loss, because he explained if I did a transplant the result would be bad.  All the other hair transplant places said I could do a hair transplant.  Scott showed me heaps of patient photos to educate me on his reasoning.  A friend recently told me he went to another hair transplant office, and they were saying bad things about Great Directions and Scott Moore, therefore I am writing this reference for Scott & Great Directions because he was the only one I felt I could trust.” From David, a Great Directions Hair Loss Patient from Sydney.  He initially started with finasteride to treat his hair loss, then after experiencing sexual side effects to the finasteride, the patient opted to receive PRP Injections for his hair loss.  He commenced PRP Injections in early 2013 and has continued receiving PRP treatments up to the present day (as of November 2014)

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Sydney PRP Injection Review #2

“Hi Scott, Thank you for convincing me that the PRP treatments with Great Directions were far more comfortable & thorough than the PRP treatments that I had previously received by another hair loss clinic.  I received three PRP treatments with the previous clinic, and since joining Great Directions I have received 4 additional PRP treatments. My hair feels healthier and stronger with the Great Directions method, with the other place I never achieved results like I have with your company.  Also the staff are amazing, especially Nikki!” From Daniel, a Great Directions Hair Loss Patient from Sydney.  Daniel had received 3 x PRP treatments with another clinic, however the patient’s friend suggested he come to Great Directions and try 1 x PRP with us.  After the 90min PRP treatment, Daniel purchased a 12mth PRP Package with Great Directions.

prp treatment reviews
PRP Injections: Hair Loss Treatment Reviews
PRP injections reviews

Melbourne PRP Injection Review #1

“I had previously been with (hair loss clinic name suppressed) for 3 years.  I thought there was only finasteride and minoxidil available to treat my hair loss. I am so happy with PRP, I am recently married and want to start having children! I was very worried about taking finasteride at the same time.  I stopped taking the tablets in May 2013 and replaced them with PRP hair sessions.  I just had my 1 year review and my hair is thicker thanks to Scott and Mark at Great Directions.” From Lance, a Great Directions Hair Loss Patient from Melbourne.  This hair loss patient opted to receive PRP Injections for his hair loss because he wanted to stop taking finasteride.  He commenced PRP Injections in early 2013 and has continued receiving PRP treatments up to the present day (as of October 2014)

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Melbourne PRP Injection Review #2

“PRP has helped me regrow my hair back.  The Melbourne Nurse seemed genuinely passionate about PRP treatments and my results prove it.  Thanks Mark and Annalyn. “ From Mohamed, a Great Directions Hair Loss Patient from Melbourne.  When we first met with this patient, he requested help to make his hair thicker for an upcoming wedding (5mths).  He received 6 x initial PRP treatments over a 4 month period.  He commenced PRP Injections in early March 2014 and has continued receiving PRP treatments up to the present day (as of November 2014)

PRP injection reviews