Aloe Vera and Blood Quality

Understanding the relationship between Aloe Vera and Blood Quality

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Good quality blood is the prime source of our health and well-being, it’s the fluid that provides oxygen, vitamins, minerals and proteins to every part of the body. Having good quality blood is reliant on a clean, wholesome diet and on the efficacy of our main organs of detoxification: liver, kidneys, lymph and colon. If we want to alter our health outcomes, altering the composition of our blood is of prime importance. When our blood is clean, our immune system and organs are strong, disease cannot manifest and we thrive in an abundance of energy.

Aloe Vera and how it can impact the Quality of your Blood;

    • Aloe Vera is alkaline forming when taken internally in the body; it alkalizes the blood, helping to balance out overly acidic dietary habits. Note: disease manifests in an acidic environment.
    • Aloe Vera taken internally enhances the immune system by combating free radicals because of its high anti-oxidant activity and by stimulating macrophages that fight against viruses found in our blood stream.
    • Aloe Vera taken internally can multiply oxygen transportation and diffusion capabilities of red blood cells. It is therefore helpful in improving circulation and oxidation of blood, lowering cholesterol and making blood less viscous.
    • Aloe Vera taken internally absorbs toxins in the digestive tract and helps with proper elimination. This helps in overall detoxification of the blood, because if toxins aren’t removed properly, they travel to the blood stream, which further precipitates systemic inflammation.
    • Aloe Vera taken internally improves blood chemistry by enhancing insulin sensitivity- which improves the uptake of blood sugar circulation in the blood. It also assists in lowering cholesterol and total tryglycerides.
    • Aloe Vera taken internally amplifies the effects of vitamins and minerals already in the body due to the plants own super rich anti-oxidant levels, thus enhancing the quality of blood.

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Presently, Great Directions only sell Aloe Vera Gel that is for use on the face/skin or scalp.  It is not intended for human consumption.  We are in discussions with some suppliers of Organic Aloe Vera Juice and hope to have a product available for sale via our online store soon.  Thanks for your patience.  Your local health food store would be the best place to find some Organic Aloe Vera Juice.

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Written by the founder of Great Directions Scott Moore

About PRP for hair loss and the liver hair loss

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