Another Scott Moore PRP for Hair Loss Review

Another Scott Moore PRP for Hair Loss Review + Testimonial!

Type of Customer Review:   Positive
Received:   November 2014
Who sent in the feedback?  The customer review was sent in from a patient.  A patient is someone who has received treatment/s from Great Directions.  A client is someone who is yet to receive treatments from Great Directions
Was the feedback about an individual or about the company in general?  The customer was thanking the Scott Moore PRP for Hair Loss Treatment Plan that was created in 2013 by Scott Moore from Great Directions..
How was the customer review received?  Via Email

The customer review:
I wanted to thank you Scott!  It has been 9 months and I am seeing improvements to my hair every time I get a PRP for Hair Loss treatment.  I appreciate the time and effort that you put into patients like me.  I know I ask a lot of questions, however you always make time to answer them.  I have been to three other well known hair transplant and hair loss clinics and the best results have happened thanks to the PRP for Hair Loss sessions with your staff at Great Directions.  Thanks again Ben

Another Scott Moore PRP for Hair Loss Review!Scott Moore PRP for Hair Loss Review Great Directions Australia

At Great Directions we have performed more than 5500 PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.  We are proud of the success stories that we have achieved.  View the Scott Moore PRP for Hair Loss Reviews in more detail in our Before and After Gallery.