Dandruff and Hair Loss

About Dandruff

Dandruff is a scalp condition.  Dandruff is a condition that is likely to impact most people at some stage of the life.

What Are The Symptoms of Dandruff?

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Symptoms of dandruff can include:
• Itchy Scalp:  Inflammation & irritation of the skin throughout the scalp can cause the an itchy scalp & dandruff.
• Flaky Skin:  The visible presence of white or yellow flakes throughout the scalp and it can often be seen clinging to hair strands.  
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What Causes Dandruff?

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Dandruff can be caused by one or more of the below:
Oily Scalp: The skin on our head (scalp) will secret oils known as sebum.  If these secretions are not removed, they can build up, dry out resulting in the appearance of a flaky scalp.
Dry Scalp: A dry scalp is like having dry skin on any part of our body.  Therefore, a dry scalp can result in our skin shedding & the appearance of dry skin flakes can appear on the scalp.  A build up of dry skin can result in dandruff.
Allergic Reaction: Your skin may be alergic to an ingredient in a shampoo or conditioner that you are using, or a laundry power you are using, or a hair styling product.  An alergic reaction can result in dandruff forming on the scalp.
• Psoriasis: Dandruff can be caused by Psorasis
• Eczema: Dandruff can be caused by Eczema
Yeast or Fungal Infection: Dandruff can be caused by a scalp fungal infection 
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What Can Make Dandruff Worse?

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The below factors can make dandruff worse:
• Stress – increased levels of stress can cause Dandruff
• Diet – a poor diet & low levels of nutrition can trigger Dandruff
• Poor Hygiene & Shampoo or Conditioning Techniques can make dandruff worse
• Medications can alter the volume of oil & secretions that can be released by the scalp and therefore can make dandruff worse.  If you have recently commenced consuming a new medication, and you start to experience dandruff, you need to ask your prescribing doctor if Dandruff is a side effect of the medication.  Some acne prescription medications can cause dandruff, because the medications target your skin’s oil levels to assist in treating acne, therefore leading to a dry scalp and possibly leading to dandruff.
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Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

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Possibly: Your hair follicles require a healthy scalp in order to grow a healthy strand of hair.  Dandruff & scalp conditions can disturb the growth cycle of your hair follicle resulting in an increase in the amount of hair loss, hair fall & shedding.  However, it is common for men & women losing their hair to have Genetic Hair Loss, and the presence of dandruff may be accelerating the speed of their hair loss. Maintaining a healthy scalp is required to ensure a healthy and fuller head of hair. 
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Treatments for Dandruff?

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In Clinic Dandruff Treatments:  Dandruff treatments that increase blood supply to the scalp can assist in improving the health of the skin & provide a longer term dandruff treatment.  One of the best dandruff treatments is PRP Injections.  PRP Treatments harness the growth factors found within a patient’s blood & injects them around the scalp to improve the health of the skin and scalp.  Great Directions have performed more than 5000 PRP Treatments and our prices start from $199/treatment* To view our current PRP prices + specials – click here   PRP Dandruff Treatments can help to remove dandruff flakes immediately, then assist in improving the health of the skin cells on the scalp, therefore PRP Dandruff Treatments offer short term & long term relief from the symptoms of dandruff.  Depending on the severity of the dandruff, results can be seen immediately following 1-2 PRP Hair + Scalp Treatments.  

At Home Dandruff Treatments: Hair & Scalp Treatments that target the removal of excess skin/scalp oils AND that promote the moisturising of your skin + scalp are recommended.  Bosley Professional Hair Care is an ideal dandruff shampoo and conditioner.  It is ideal to treat dandruff and also to prevent dandruff.  View our Bosley Professional Hair Care range by using the SHOP button in the menu above.

• Treat the cause – nutritional deficiency :  to ensure long term treatment & prevention of Dandruff, the main cause or trigger needs to be identified and addressed.  If the cause is nutritional levels, addressing the patients deficiencies may be required.  For example, what caused the deficiency in the first place.  The health of our skin cells can be enhanced by using PRP Injections.  However, diet & nutritional changes may be required to assist in preventing dandruff from recurring in the future.

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PRP Dandruff Treatments…… it just makes sense! 

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We mentioned that stress is a common cause of dandruff.  PRP Treatments require the extraction of blood, harvesting the PRP within the blood, then re-injecting it around the hair follicles that require the treatment.  At Great Directions our approach in administering PRP Hair Treatments is ideal to treat dandruff naturally.
Volume of PRP Injected:  Many clinics that offer PRP Treatments can collect 300-600% more blood than what is used at Great Directions.  These same clinics justify this by saying that the client does not need to return for PRP Treatments as frequent as Great Directions PRP clients do.  This is true, however when injecting 300-600% more PRP into a patient’s scalp can result in excessive swelling & bruising for 1-4 days following the PRP treatment.  This approach results in further PHYSICAL stress & possibly adding to the cause of dandruff for the patient. Therefore the Great Directions PRP Dandruff Treatments are less likely to create excess swelling or bruising.  We have performed more than 5000 PRP Treatments, and 99.1% of surveyed patients said they had not swelling or bruising following their PRP treatments with Great Directions. 

Is local anesthetic injected? The greater the volume of PRP that is injected into the scalp, is likely to require the injection of local anesthetic.  Injected local anesthetic adds to the volume of liquid injected & therefore may enhance the degree & volume of swelling – therefore further adding to the concerns regarding physical stress and dandruff.  At Great Directions, because we follow the approach of  LESS PRP VOLUME + MORE FREQUENTLY vs LARGE PRP VOLUMES + INFREQUENTLY – we do not need an injection of local anesthetic – topical creams are used to maintain patient comfort.

How the PRP in injected?: At Great Directions, each PRP danduff treatment is tailored to the needs of each patient.  If a patient’s dandruff is extreme or advanced, the PRP dandruff treatment will be used to enhance of the SCALP and the HAIR FOLLICLES.  If the scalp’s health is good or the dandruff is minimal, the PRP dandruff treatment will focus more on the deeper layers of the skin or scalp, the skin still will benefit, however the method and device used to administer the PRP injection may alter.  At Great Directions, we use devices which provide treatment to a pre-set depth & a pre-set volume of PRP being administered for each and every injection.  Depending on the device used, patients should expect 1500-8000 injections in each PRP Treatment. Some clinics rely on manual injections to administer the PRP, therefore in a PRP treatment approx 20-100 manual injections are administered.   Because the PRP injections are using a traditional needle + syringe, the injector needs to manually measure the depth & volume of each injection. At Great Directions, the results we have been able to achieve using our PRP dandruff treatment approach (coupled with the volume of patients we have treated) has allowed us to monitor, review and adapt our treatments to enhance treatment outcomes & reduce the occurrence of adding physical or psychological stress. 

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