DHT and Hair Loss

Understanding DHT and Hair Loss

DHT stands for Di Hydro Testosterone.  Here are some facts about DHT and Hair Loss.

    • This hormone is also known as the hair loss hormone.
    • DHT is present in both men and women.
    • DHT is a by-product of the testosterone hormone.
    • DHT is formed when TESTOSTERONE bonds with an ENZYME.
    • The DHT hormone is present in everyone, however only a person that has inherited the hair loss gene will experience genetic hair loss.
    • Only the hair follicles in the frontal hair line, midscalp and crown regions are impacted by DHT.  
    • Hair on the sides and back of the head are known to be genetically resistant to the impacts of DHT and the balding gene, the reasons for this is unknown

DHT and Hair Loss

dht and hair loss

What does DHT do to your hair follicles?

Remember, DHT only weakens your hair follicles through the Frontal Hair Line, Midscalp and the Crown area’s of the scalp.  The sides and back of the scalp AND body hair are not impacted by DHT.

    • When a person has inherited the hair loss gene, this means the hair follicles in the Front, Top & Crown areas of the scalp are GENETICALLY prone to becoming WEAK when DHT is present.
    • Hair on the sides and back of the scalp + body hair are GENETICALLY RESISTANT to DHT.
    • DHT causes the hair follicle to miniaturise.
    • As your hair follicle miniaturises, it’s ability to source the blood supply the follicle requires to grow a thick strand of hair is reduced.
    • If the follicle receives less blood supply, the follicle will start growing weaker, thinner, finer and flatter hair
    • If blood supply is not restored to the hair follicle OR if DHT damage is not stopped, the follicle can eventually die.
    • Once the follicle is dead, a hair can not grow.

dht and hair loss prp great directions

How does PRP for Hair Loss work with DHT caused hair loss?

To prevent further hair loss caused by DHT, you can either:

    • Reduce DHT Levels: Prescription Medication such as Finasteride (Propecia / Proscar) or Dutasteride can assist in lowering DHT levels in your body OR the herbal alternative Saw Palmetto combined with Lysine is a non-drug related option that is also available.
    • Reduce the EFFECT that DHT has on your hair follicles: which is a reduction in the QUANTITY and QUALITY of blood supply the hair follicles receives:  PRP Injections can increase the quality and quantity of blood supply to the hair follicle, OR minoxidil, low level laser therapy and shampoos can increase the AMOUNT of blood to the hair follicle, but they will not improve the QUALITY of blood supply – only the QUANTITY.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is prepared from your own blood.  Your blood comprises of

    • RED BLOOD CELLS help to carry oxygen throughout your body
    • WHITE BLOOD CELLS assist with fitting disease and infection.
    • PLATELETS repair damage and injuries 
    • PLASMA contains water and other nutrients such as enzymes, salts & proteins

By extracting a sample of blood and with the assistance of a centrifuge, your blood will separate.  PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of your platelets (to repair damage) and plasma (nutrients). 

PRP for Hair Loss helps by increasing the QUALITY and the QUANTITY of blood supply that your hair follicles receives.  Whereas Minoxidil and LLLT only promote an increase in QUANTITY of blood, it does not impact the QUALITY of blood that your hair follicles receive.  That is why PRP for Hair Loss “Just Makes Sense”.