Can a bad diet cause hair loss?

Diet and Hair Loss

Can a bad Diet cause Hair Loss?

If you were suffering from a nutritional deficiency, then it is possible that you may start to experience your hair becoming weaker, thinner, falling out more and/or prone to breakage.   This is because if your diet does not contain the nutrients that your body requires to grow a health and thick strand of hair = then your body will start to produce a weaker and thinner strand of hair.

However, if you are experiencing hair loss and thinning to the FRONTAL hair line, MIDSCALP or TOP of the scalp and the CROWN (upper back area of the scalp), AND you are not experiencing hair loss or thinning to any other part of your body or scalp, then the cause of your hair loss is most likely the genes you inherit from your parents.   A nutritional deficiency may accelerate or exasperate the rate or speed of your hair loss, however it is not the cause.  Because if a nutritional deficiency was the cause of your hair loss, you would expect to see hair loss and thinning to all hair on your body.  However if the hair loss or thinning is isolated to the frontal hair line or the top or crown area’s of the scalp, then the cause is almost certain to be caused by your genetics HOWEVER a nutritional deficiency may be the reason you are experiencing rapid or aggressive hair loss and thinning.

For those who are experiencing genetic hair loss, it is well known that high DHT levels is not ideal if you are experiencing hair loss.  That is because DHT slowly injures and damages your hair follicles, this causes your hair follicles to shrink and eventually they die.  Once a hair follicle dies, it is impossible to grow a strand of hair.

DHT is a by product of Testosterone.  It is formed when Testosterone merges with an enzyme called 5-alfa-reductaze.

The foods that you consume play a MASSIVE role to your bodies


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