Diet and Hair Loss

Diet and Hair Loss PRP for HAir

Diet and Hair Loss

Remember, to grow a hair you need:
Hair Follicle (without a hair follicle it is impossible to grow a hair strand)

2.  Healthy Skin (this is like the soil for a plant!)
3.  The right Amount of Blood Supply (QUANTITY of blood supply)
4.  The right Quality of Blood Supply (NUTRIENT RICH blood supply)

Your hair follicle relies on the NUTRIENTS from the food and drink that you consume to produce a hair strand.  

diet and hair loss

The nutrients that are required include;

Protein: Hair is made of keratin which is a form of protein.  Therefore, ensuring you eat enough quality protein is essential.  Not consuming the right AMOUNT and the right QUALITY of protein can result in your hair being weaker, thinner, brittle and prone to breakage.

Iron: Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout our bodies. Low iron levels can therefore result in your hair follicles receiving WEAKER blood.  And remember, any reduction in the quality and/or quality of blood supply to the hair follicle results in the hair follicle NOT receiving the nutrients that it requires to grow a healthy and thick strand of hair.

Vitamin A:  Our bodies rely on vitamin A to make sebum.  Sebum is the bodies own way of preventing our skin from becoming dry.  Too much sebum is not good, and so is insufficient sebum secretions.   Without it, your hair may be prone to breakage due to being under moisturised.

Vitamin B:  There are many forms of Vitamin B and all can contribute towards growing healthy and thick strands of hair.  Biotin is a member of the B Vitamin group, and helps your follicles to grow thick and strong hair strands.  Other forms within the Vitamin B group have been found to help the body cope with the impacts of stress and fatique on your body.  In times of stress, hair follicles can suffer resulting in hair thinning and hair shedding.

Vitamin C:  Commonly known for assisting our immune system, Vitamin C also helps to strengthen the blood capillaries that connect your hair follicle to your circulatory system.  Vitamin C also helps to promote a healthy scalp because the body uses Vitamin C to create collagen.  It is also an excellent anti-oxidant which is essential for hair growth, because it reduces free-radical damage to your hair follicles.

Omega 3: These essential fatty acids are used to help maintain hydration levels for your scalp and hair.

Zinc: Maintaining a healthy scalp is very important.  Zinc and Selenium are two minerals that can promote a healthy scalp.  An un-healthy scalp can result in hair breakage, hair shedding and thinning.

Amino Acids:  Our bodies rely on amino acids to provide the framework for protein to work.  Without amino acids, protein is not converted into keratin (which is the substance our hair is made of).  More information on Amino Acids can be found by clicking here.


Pills, Potions & Powders?

If you have a deficiency in any of the elements listed above, before you run off an purchase pills, potions or powders…..  The best (and cheapest) way to consume the above elements, is via a balanced diet of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and lean meat and fish.   For example, a vitamin C tablet will give you vitamin C, but an orange gives you vitamin a, vitamin b & vitamin c, calcium, copper and potastium, fibre, energy  Therefore consuming your vitamin C from fresh oranges is healthier and better for your body.

To grow a strand of hair requires BLOOD SUPPLY.  To stimulate hair growth requires an increase in blood supply to your hair follicles.  Within your blood, there needs to be a healthy combination of minerals, proteins, vitamins and amino acids in order to make keratin.  Keratin is what your hair strands are made of.  Therefore, to stimulate the regrowth of thicker hair requires;
1.  QUANTITY of blood supply that your hair follicles receive,

2.  and, QUALITY in the form of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Diet and Hair Loss

Boost the Quality & Quantity of Blood Supply with PRP for Hair Loss

PRP for Hair Loss is an effective way to improve the QUALITY and QUANTITY of blood supply to your thinning hair follicles.   Up until now, patients have been restricted to using daily foams/lotions in the form of minoxidil or expensive laser treatments.  Minoxidil and Laser Combs/Caps improve the QUANTITY but NOT the QUALITY of blood supply to your hair follicles.  However, there is a new hair loss treatment that can improve the QUANTITY AND QUALITY of blood supply to your hair follicle

PRP for Hair Loss is an exciting, safe and proven hair regrowth treatment that helps to improve the QUANTITY AND QUALITY of blood supply to your hair follicle.  PRP is not a drug or a chemical, PRP is made from your own blood supply.   The benefits of PRP include:   

  1. ENHANCING the nutrients that your hair follicles receives.
  2. PROMOTING faster hair growth
  3. PREVENTING and slowing down the rate of hair loss, shedding and thinning.
  4. ACTIVATE the growth phase for your hair follicles.
  5. REGROW thicker, stronger and healthier hair without relying on daily pills or potions.

For more information about PRP for Hair Loss Treatments – Click Here

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