Face + Skin by Great Directions Reviews

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Face + Skin by Great Directions Reviews

The client had an assessment with Scott Moore to discuss the concerns they had with their skin & a history of what they have tried.  This client identified that they had combination skin that was prone to break outs when she was stressed.   Her goals were to:
1. Reduce pimples & breakouts
2. Reduce the appearance of freckles & hyperpigmentation
3. Brighten the skin
4. The client requested to have NO down time.  She did not want to have any downtime post treatment.[space height=”10″]

Another Great Directions Reviews

30min Infrared Sauna Detox Treatment 
– This treatment is like a traditional sauna, except instead of heating the conventional heat to warm your body, safe infrared rays are used to warm the body.  Infrared sauna treatments provide a deeper sweat than normal traditional saunas.
– An infrared detox sauna will help the skin to sweat out toxins & impurities that are building up in the skin.  It will also help to remove clogged pored & black heads.
– Another benefit of an infrared detox sauna treatment is that it is 20-30% cooler than a traditional hot rock sauna.  Therefore it is more comfortable!
– A 30min Infrared Sauna Treatment can help to burn up to 600 calories – therefore assisting with weightloss & fluid retention.[space height=”5″]

45min Organic Facial – by Jasmine Scheerer
– An organic facial including, steam therapy, cleanse, triple exfoliation & a skin rejuvenating certified organic mask was applied to the face.
– The triple exfoliation helps to remove excess dead skin whilst the action used to exfoliate the skin promotes blood flow to the area.  
– The organic products used helped to remove black heads & any further congestion that was building up in the clients skin.
– The certified organic skin rejuvenating mask enhances blood flow, collagen production, plumps up wrinkles & helps to tighten skin.  This mask can be used to soothe the skin as well because its core ingredient is aloe vera.  For this client it was perfect to brighten her skin whilst helping to promote blood flow to the area to help repair the wounds created by the pimples & breakouts.[space height=”5″]

20min LED Light Therapy 
– LED Light Therapy is not a laser or an IPL treatment.  It does not have ANY down time at all.
– LED Light Therapy using the Biotherapeutic LED System has 4 x Colours that can assist in improving the health of the skin.
– We applied Green Light to help reduce hyperpigmentation & to reduce the redness in the pimples & breakouts.
– We also used the Yellow Light to promote the lymphatic system, this will help to reduce inflammation in the skin & further promote circulation & also collagen levels. 

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