Can a hair transplant give you a full head of hair?

Can a hair transplant give you a full head of hair?

This hair transplant question is being answered by Scott Moore (founder of Great Directions).

Short Answer:  No!

Detailed Answer:  A hair transplant is a medical procedure that involves sourcing hair from the sides or back of the scalp, and transplanting or relocating them to area’s of the scalp that are not presently growing a strand of hair.   Once the hair follicle has been transplanted, it will not grow back in its original area, because the follicle has been MOVED to another area of the scalp.  

Can a hair transplant give you a fuil head of hairMany people think that a hair transplant CLONES or COPIES or DUPLICATES the hair on their head.  This is not the case.  A Hair Transplant RE-DISTRIBUTES hair by spreading it out across the scalp.  As at June 2016, cloning of hair follicles is not something that is available ANYWHERE in the World as a cosmetic hair restoration procedure.

The image to the left shows the area’s of the scalp.  The Frontal, Midscalp and Crown area’s of the scalp are the area’s prone to genetic or hereditary hair loss.  The sides and the back of the scalp are known as the genetically RESISTANT hairs.  A Transplant surgically removes hairs from the RESISTANT area and MOVES them to either the Frontal, Midscalp or Crown regions of the scalp.  

The number of hairs that a person has on their head is determined at birth.  If they have inherited the hair loss gene, the most number of hairs the person would have on their head is thought to be when the person is approx 15yrs of age.

When you were 15 years of age, you would have had approx. 
# of Hairs in the Hereditary Hair Loss Zones = 60-75,000 hairs.   
# of Hairs in the Genetically Resistant Zones = 25-35,000 hairs.

Therefore to achieve a full head of hair requires approx 85-100,000 hairs.  And once the hair follicles are dead, there is no way to bring them back to life, and currently there is no proven way to clone hair follicles (as at June 2016).  Therefore, if your hair follicles die, a hair transplant can RE-DISTRIBUTE the remaining hair follicles that you have across the top of your scalp, but this will not increase the number of hairs you hair.  In summary, can a hair transplant give you a full head of hair?  No!  Because one the follicle is dead, it is not possible to close or copy hair follicles, and a hair transplant re-distributes the remaining hair follicles across the scalp, a hair transplant doesn’t increase the number of hairs on the head


This is why at Great Directions, we strongly recommend patients achieve the below BEFORE they consider receiving a hair transplant procedure:
1.   PREVENT further hair loss and be able to SUSTAIN the remaining hair, because once it is gone, it is impossible to bring back.  Therefore if you can save as much of your original hair as possible, and then combine it with a hair transplant, you will ensure better density and coverage (as compared to if you did not ensure you could PREVENT further hair loss/thinning).  Our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments can assist you with this.
2.   PREPARE the skin/scalp for the stress and trauma of the hair transplant procedure with a treatment such as PRP for Hair Loss.

For more information about whether PRP or Hair Transplanation is suitable for you, please request a free hair loss consultation click here