Another Great Directions Review

Scott Moore’s Transformation

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Check out the results this patient (Scott Moore who is the founder of Great Directions!) has achieved thanks to the Great Directions’ Look Good + Feel Great program! 

Time in between photos:  15 months
What treatments has this patient received:  
PRP for Hair Loss, PRP Facial Treatments, Infrared Sauna Treatments, At Home Skin Care Products and our “common sense” diet plan.

The Results:  In the before photo Scott wore 40-42 sized pants.  Now he wears a 33-34 sized pair of pants.

Scott used to weigh in at 113kg but at his heaviest it was 121kg and now weighs 93kg (as at September 2016)

Scott’s diet consisted of natural and simple foods that are commonly available at supermarkets and fresh food stores.  He loves his natural fruit smoothies which are combined with supplements to help with accelerating his metabolism therefore helping him to burn fat all day long without needing to starve himself.

Scott Moore Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss PRP for Skin

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More Information About PRP for Hair Loss Treatments

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