Dandruff and Hair Loss

About Dandruff Dandruff is a scalp condition.  Dandruff is a condition that is likely to impact most people at some stage of the life. What Are The Symptoms of Dandruff? What Causes Dandruff? What Can Make Dandruff Worse? Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Treatments for Dandruff? PRP Dandruff Treatments…… it just makes sense!   

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Shampoos and Hair Loss

Understanding the link between your Shampoo and Hair Loss; Can using a quality shampoo & conditioner help you treat your hair loss?   Get the facts on hair loss and PRP treatments with Australia’s 1st Hair Loss Clinic to perform more than 5500+ PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.   Please note, your thyroid is an extremely […]

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Scalp Health and Hair Loss

Scalp Health and Hair Loss Understanding the relationship between hair growth & scalp health, think of your hair as though it was a plant…………… To grow a strand of hair is similar to growing a plant. To grow a plant, it requires. 1.  A Seed 2.  Healthy & Fertile Soil 3.  Nutrients (Sun, water etc) […]

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