Hair Growth Cycle

Understanding Hair Growth + Hair Fall?

In the same way that a plant grows from a seed in soil, a hair grows from a hair follicle that grows from your skin. To grow a hair requires a hair follicle + healthy skin + quality blood supply.  If the hair follicle receives LESS blood supply or a REDUCTION in the quality of blood that it receives, this can cause hair fall, hair shedding and hair loss.  

A Hair Follicle is like other cells within the body, it requires blood in order to it to function (grow a hair strand).  At the bottom part of each hair follicle there is dermal papilla containing micro blood vessels. The hair follicles rely on this blood supply for the nourishment and growth of the hair.

A normal human being has an average of 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on their head. And it is very normal to loose 80 – 100 strands of hair everyday because each hair has its own growth cycle. An individual hair follicle has an ability to grow anywhere from 1-4 individual hair strands at any given time.  


There are 3 Hair Growth Phases:

    • Anagen Phase –  It is also known as the active growth phase of the hair follicle.  Therefore, the Anagen Phase determines the length of each hair strand. Normally, under Anagen active phase a hair grows 1cm each month and our hair stays in this active phase from 2 to 6 years.
    • Catagen Phase –  After the end of the active growth phase, the hair enters the Catagen phase. Also known as the transitional phase, the Catagen phase lasts for 10 – 15 days. In Catagen phase, the hair root is separated from the blood supply, due to which the hair growth is halted and the hair follicle starts to shrink.
    • Telogen Phase – The end of the Catagen stage is followed by the Telogen Phase.  During this time the hair breaks away, however the follicle is still there, however it is in a resting phase and will stay in this phase for approximately 100 days.

Can PRP help you to accelerate or enhance hair growth?

To grow a thick and healthy strand of hair, your hair follicle needs to be receiving the right QUANTITY and QUALITY of blood supply.  If either the QUANTITY or QUALITY of blood supply is disturbed, this can trigger your hair follicle to enter the Catagen and then the Telogen Phase prematurely.   If this occurs, shedding and hair fall will increase.  Improving the quantity and/or quality of blood supply to the follicle will encourage the anagen phase because the additional blood supply can enhance the nutrients received by your hair follicle, therefore resulting in the growth of thicker, stronger and healthier hair strands. 

At Great Directions, when we perform a PRP treatment, a controlled injury is made to the scalp (skin), this will signal the body to send PLATELETS and PLASMA to the area, to repair the injured cells.  By adding in PRP to the area, we are increasing the amount of repairing cells (platelets) and nutrients (plasma) in the area.  Therefore, the skin cells and the hair follicles are exposed to large amounts of healing platelets and nutrient rich plasma, this improves the QUALITY and QUANTITY of blood that reaches your hair follicles.  

Many of our PRP for Hair Regrowth patients have reported experiencing faster hair growth as a result of receiving our PRP for Hair Treatments,