Hair Transplant Preparation with Skin Needling Rollers

Hair Transplant Preparation with Skin Needling Rollers


With our Hair Transplant and Scalp Skin Needling Rollers

Are you planning a hair transplant?
Are you wanting to prepare your scalp for the hair transplant procedure?
Would you like to minimise the shock loss and recovery time after receiving a hair transplant?

If you answered YES to the above questions, you should consider our Scalp and Skin Needling Roller Treatments.  

Scalp Skin Needling Roller Treatments describes the use of a skin needling roller or skin needling stamp that has hundred of fine + very short needles ranging from 0.2mm to 0.3mm.  The Scalp Needling Roller Treatments are ideal for preparing the donor and recipient hair transplant locations for the hair transplant surgery.  When used correctly, the tiny needles rolled over your skin, they create a small and controlled injury.   As with any OTHER type of injury, your body will send blood to the area to repair the damage.    By encouraging platelets to the area because of the damaged/injured cells, patients are helping to PREPARE the donor and recipeint area’s for the stress associated with a hair transplant medical procedure.

Think of a hair transplant as though you are “transplanting a tree”.


Tree Transplant Preparation

When you transplant a tree, it is recommend that you do the following steps;
Fertilse the tree BEFORE moving it
Fertilise the SOIL that you are moving the tree to
Move the tree (transplant it)
Fertilise the tree AFTER moving it
And, if you intend on growing a plant in the area that originally had the tree before it was transplanted, then it is recommended that you fertilise the SOIL.

  Hair Transplants Skin Needling Roller Great DirectionsHair Transplants Skin Needling Roller Great Directions 

Hair Transplant Preparation

When you transplant a hair follicle, it is recommend that you do the following steps;
• Promote the health of the follicle BEFORE the transplant (Increase blood supply)

Fertilise the SKIN that you are moving the hair follicle to
Move the hair follicle (hair transplant procedure)
Fertilise” the hair follicle AFTER moving it
And, if you intend on reducing shock loss in the donor region and/or the build up of scar tissue in the donor region, then it is recommended that you “fertilise” the skin in the donor region.

Hair Transplants Skin Needling Roller Great Directions

This image shows PRP injections being used to “fertilise” a hair follicle and surrounding skin with the growth factors from your own blood.  If you are unable to access PRP treatments, using a Scalp and Skin Needling Roller provides you with an option that you can use at home.  Scalp and Skin Needling Rollers for Hair Transplants are not as effective as PRP treatments, however using the skin rollers is better than doing nothing at all!  

In summary;

By creating a SMALL and CONTROLLED injury to the scalp with a skin needling roller, your body will send platelets and plasma to the area to repair the damaged skin.  However, whilst the platelets are in the region, they can also identify the damage to your hair follicles and therefore release growth factors that can signal damaged hair follicles to grow & repair. 

Is there any risk of permanent damage?

The needles used our Hair Transplant Scalp and Skin Needling Rollers as per the instructions will not result in any damage.  If in doubt, consult your hair transplant surgeon.  Our Skin Needling Rollers for Hair Transplants are ultra fine and do not go deeper than 0.3mm meaning they do not go beyond the top layer of the skin.  The needles create micro channels in the skin that close in under an hour.  The micro channels allow the nutrient rich organic aloe vera gel to penetrate further into the scalp.

Are the rollers TGA listed?

Yes!  Our Hair Transplant Scalp and Skin Needling Rollers are TGA Listed (TGA = Therapeutic Goods Administration) as a class 1 medical device. 



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Please note:

Use of this product Hair Transplant Skin Needling Roller is not meant to cure or prevent and condition or disease. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, seek the advice of a medical professional

Warning Notice:

Do not use skin rollers if you have:
• Active Acne
Inflamed Skin, Dermatitis, Active Skin Infections
If you have poor healing or blood clotting disorder
If you are currently using Accutane within the last 6 months
If you have keloid scarring.
If you have an allergy to Nickel.
For health and sanitary reasons do not share your skin roller with anyone else.
By purchasing this product, you agree to not hold the seller responsible for any injuries or damage resulting from the use or misuse of the skin roller purchased from Great Directions

In order to receive the best hair transplant result, requires excellent hair transplant preparation.  Great Directions have assisted over 1000 men and women in achieving the best result from their hair transplant procedure.  Below is one of the options available if you are starting to prepare for a hair transplant procedure.  This hair transplant preparation involves no daily drugs, prp injections, no minoxidil, no finasteride and no expensive laser combs.