Hair Transplant Questions

Hair Transplant Questions

This blog has been written by Scott Moore at Great Directions Australia 27th October 2015

Get the facts on hair transplants with these hair transplant questions that we recommend you ask the clinic during a hair transplant consultation.  

hair transplant questions 

Important Hair Transplant Questions:

The top 10 questions that we recommend you ask a hair transplant clinic if you are planning a hair transplant with them:

  • Who will be performing the extraction of the hair transplant grafts?  What qualifications and education have they received regarding hair transplantation?  Were they taught via a college or university, or did they learn about hair transplant surgery by being shown how to do it?   
  • Who will be assisting the hair transplant surgeon during the extraction of the hair follicles from the donor site?  What qualifications do these people have?  Are they nurses or technicians?  
  • Once the grafts have been extracted from the donor site, how will they be cared for before being transplanted back into your body?  If the grafts are prepared under a microscope, who will be performing this task?  What qualifications do these people have?  
  • When do we agree on the surgical plan for your frontal hair line?  Who is this designed with?  Can you please show me 5 before and afters of patients with similar hair to my situation, that you have performed a hair transplant on.
  • Who will be creating the holes for the grafts to be transplanted into?  What is the maximum number of grafts per cm2 that this person can achieve?  
  • Who will be implanting the grafts?  What are the qualifications of each person directly involved or those who may be assisting?   
  • Please provide the post op surgical images that shows what 5 patients looked like at the end of their hair transplant procedure that have similar characteristics to my situation (age, type and colour of hair, thickness of hair, skin type etc)
  • Can you please show me 10 patients before and afters of hair transplant procedures that have been performed with all of the people mentioned in the questions above.  If another staff member was involved in any of the photos shown, and no longer works for the clinic, please provide the tasks that the ex-staff member performed during that hair transplant?
  • How does the hair transplant clinic audit and assess the hand/eye coordination of the hair transplant surgeon and hair transplant technicans or nurses?  How frequently are the audits performed?  Where are the audits performed?  If requested, will you produce evidence for the people who would perform the hair transplant surgery on myself?
  • Do you have a success rate?  How was this number calculated?  When was the last time it was amended, because each month that passes, the success rate should fluctuate, therefore how often do they review their success rate?  How do they count the survival rate of the grafts transplanted?

Asking the above hair transplant questions will help you determine if the hair transplant clinic you are talking to has the skill, qualifications, experience and capabilities required to deliver a Great Hair Transplant for you.  

Another option is to enlist the services of Great Directions Australia.  We offer hair transplant consultancy services, this means we join you for EVERY hair transplant consultation, to ensure you are getting answers that specifically address your concerns.  For more information about our Hair Transplant Consultancy Services, please contact us for a free information pack.

Get the facts on essential Hair Transplant Questions that you should be asking if you are planning a hair transplant procedure. Request a free info pack!

Hair Transplants PRP for Hair Loss Great Directions Scott Moore

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prp for hair loss treatmentsHair Transplants PRP for Hair Loss Great Directions Scott Moore

Please note, a Hair Transplant is a medical procedure that should be performed by a Medical Doctor.  Presently in Australia, there is NO UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE that trains hair transplantation.  This means many of the clinics that offer hair transplantation may have been educated or mentored by another surgeon.  This is not suggesting that this is a good or bad practice, we are simply drawing your attention to this hair transplant fact.  A Hair Transplant is an irreversible procedure, that means if the first hair transplant is performed poorly, additional surgery will be required to improve it.  However, when we say “improve”, we mean it will “not be as bad” instead of “improving to be what it should have been if the 1st procedure was performed properly”.  That is why asking DETAILED and SPECIFIC hair transplant questions is essential.   The questions listed in this blog were created by Scott Moore.  Scott Moore was the National Hair Transplant Consultant for Doctor Hair (Dr Hair) and the National Hair Institute from 2011 to 2014.  During Scott Moore’s time at the NHI and Dr Hair he consulted to thousands of patients.  Since leaving the NHI, Scott has been sought out by thousands of patients to consult and design their hair transplant procedure.  Below are some examples of the thorough and detailed hair transplant questions used by Scott to ensure a great hair transplant result.

PrP for Hair Loss Reviews Great Directions Scott Moore 1 hair transplant questions PrP for Hair Loss Reviews Great Directions Scott Moore 1 hair transplant questions PrP for Hair Loss Reviews Great Directions Scott Moore 1 hair transplant questions

Are you thinking of getting a hair transplant?
Are you unable to decide whether to do an FUE Hair Transplant or a FUT Hair Transplant?
Are you wanting to do a hair transplant instead of doing finasteride or minoxidil?
Are you considering an Australian Hair Transplant Clinic or an Overseas Hair Transplant Clinic?
Are you receiving conflicting assessments about how many grafts you require for your hair transplant?
Are you confused about whether to include or not to include PRP treatments with your hair transplant?


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