Hair Transplants by Scott Moore

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Hair Transplants by Scott Moore

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About this video:

This video was recorded in 2012 and it shows a hair transplant patient (named Igor), share his hair transplant journey.  This video shows Igor’s hair transplants by Scott Moore.  Scott Moore planned, consulted and coordinated the hair transplant procedure received by Igor whilst at the National Hair Institute.  Scott Moore was not the first hair transplant consultant that Igor met with.  Igor’s first hair transplant assessment was performed by someone OTHER than Scott Moore.  The OTHER consultant and hair transplant surgeon recommended and advised Igor to receive 3000 grafts (~6000 hairs) and to transplant them into the frontal and crown area’s of the scalp.  When Igor met with Scott Moore, Scott explained that 3000 hair transplant grafts was NOT ENOUGH to treat BOTH the frontal and crown regions.  Scott’s assessment of Igor suggested that Igor could achieve approx 5000-5500 hair transplant grafts and Scott recommended placing the first 5000 grafts into the frontal region first, then any additional grafts could be used to increase the coverage of the crown. Have a look at the before and afters below to see the result Igor has achieved by following Scott’s hair transplant and PRP treatment recommendations. 


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About Scott Moore and Great Directions Australia

• Scott Moore originally founded Great Directions Australia in 2012.
• Great Directions Australia is the first clinic in Australia to complete 5500 PRP Hair Regrowth Treatments.
• Scott Moore has consulted to over 9,000 clients and is renowned for his clear and concise approach.
In total, Great Directions Staff have consulted to over 13,000 men and women.
• Scott Moore has experience from working with 6 x hair transplant surgeons, combined these hair transplant surgeons have completed more than 15,000 hair transplant procedures.
In the video above, Scott Moore was speaking in his capacity as the National Hair Loss + Hair Transplant Consultation for the National Hair Institute.
Scott Moore’s hair loss experience also includes being the General Manager of Dr Hair and the National Hair Institute.

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About the National Hair Institute

• The National Hair Institute was founded by Dr Barry White as a specialist hair transplant clinic.
The National Hair Institute was closed by Dr Barry White unexpectedly on 12th July 2014.
• The National Hair Institute contracted Great Directions Australia to provide sales, operational & nurses and doctors to the National Hair Institute and Dr Hair Australia from 2012 to 2014.
Treatments provided by the National Hair Institute and Dr Hair Australia included FUT Hair Transplants, FUE Hair Transplants, PRP for Hair Loss and Hair Fibres.  
The National Hair Institute Head Office was located at 659 Canterbury Road Middle Park VIC 3206.  This building and business has since been closed and sold by the owners of the National Hair Institute and Dr Hair Australia.
Since the 12th July 2014, the contract between Great Directions & the National Hair Institute stopped and Great Directions started offering treatments as a standalone business.  Shortly after, the NHI National Hair Institute closed their head office in Middle Park.

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