How much PRP is optimum?

How much PRP is optimum?

There are 2 methodologies available regarding “How much PRP is injected per visit”, for example;

  • Injecting LARGE amounts of PRP infrequently (spaced further apart from each other)
  • Injecting SMALL amounts of PRP more frequently (spaced closer together)

What to consider when injecting LARGE amounts of PRP:

  • Large amounts of PRP per treatment will commonly cause swelling and bruising. See the image of me after receiving a large PRP treatment (see the swelling in the image to below)
  • To ensure the patient can deal with the pain of LARGE PRP treatments – Injectable Local Anesthetic is required. However Local Injections are proven to reduce the PRP’s benefits by up to 45%. Therefore, to counter the reduced effectiveness of the PRP, the clinic will add more PRP into each treatment. This will result in MORE swelling / bruising / longer recovery time etc.
  • When injecting large amounts of PRP, the injecting is most commonly being performed manually. Manual injections can be troublesome, because go too shallow and the PRP will not reach the follicle, go too deep and you can pierce the follicle with the needle and kill it. Also the distribution of the PRP via manual injection would equate to 30-75 injections at the most. The average hair loss region has 50,000 -to- 70,000 hair follicles. 30-75 injections means each injection services approx 600-1400 hairs per injection. Using the Great Directions technique, a measured dose of PRP is administered approx 5000-6000 times. Therefore instead of 600-1400 hairs sharing 1 injection, we achieve a ratio of 10-20 hairs per injection. That is a significant improvement in PRP distribution across the hair loss area.
  • From 2012 to July 2014 we performed approx 1500 treatments following this method. After reviewing the data and results patients were achieving, and ONLY because we had performed a LARGE amount of PRP treatments – this granted us significant amounts of data/results that we could review/compare/analyse.
  • Some clinics mention that they have a higher concentration of PRP. That may be true, however there are more than just platelet derived growth factors in your blood. Hair follicles have been shown to respond well to MORE than just Platelet Derived Growth Factors. That is why we incorporate ALL of the Natural Growth Factors included in your blood. Remember, PRP is made from your own blood supply, because it is not a drug, there are no drug related side effects.

how much PRP is optimum?


What to consider when injecting SMALLER amounts of PRP frequently:

  • Less amounts of PRP being injected at a time, will reduce swelling, brusing and post-treatment recovery time.  Therefore the patient can return to normal activities FASTER than if larger volumes of PRP are injected.
  • Less volume of PRP per treatment means less pain for the patient, therefore instead of using a strong injectable local anaesthetic, a weaker form can be used.  
  • In using a weaker local anaesthetic, the damage PRP has on the platelets is minimised.
  • Stronger Local Anaesthetic can reduce blood supply to the area, this is called vaso restriction.  The purpose of PRP is to improve the formation of improved blood vessels and blood supply to the hair follicles.  Therefore restricting or reducing the blood supply to the area is NOT what is wanted when treating hair loss.



In Conclusion:

Of those patients who have received 12-18mths of LARGE TREATMENTS LESS FREQUENTLY – and more recently have received 12mths of SMALLER TREATMENT VOLUMES MORE FREQUENTLY, the feedback from patients was resounding!

  • All said the Less Volume More Frequently approach was less painful
  • All said there was no or significantly less swelling or bruising using the Less Is More approach.
  • All said they felt their hair and scalp responded better following the less is more approach, as compared with the more volume less frequently approach.
  • Have a look at my results above
  • Left Image = Before Photo from 2012
  • Center Image = After Photo from 2014 = 2 years of Large Volumes Infrequently
  • Right Image = After Photo from 2015 = 9 months of Smaller Volumes Frequently.   The improvements are noticeable.
Nurse PRP for Hair Loss


Great Directions have performed over 10,000+ PRP for Hair Regrowth Treatments (more than any other hair loss clinic in Australia).  Approximately 1500 following the More PRP Volume – Less Frequent Treatments AND 8500 following the Less PRP Volume – More Frequently approach.  The results that we have been witnessing & the improvements in patients comfort throughout the treatments has improved significantly.[/two_third]

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