How to Regrow Thicker Hair

How to Regrow Thicker Hair?

There are many hair loss treatments available for purchase, many products use the words regrow and thicken or volumising alot.  It is important to understand that the ONLY way to REGROW THICKER HAIR is to encourage the hair follicle to GROW a THICKER HAIR.  Below is a list of hair loss treatments that can assist you to REGROW THICKER HAIR.

Hair Transplants = No
PRP for Hair Loss = Yes with 4-8 treatments per year
Finasteride = Occasionally but daily usage required
Minoxidil = Occasionally but daily usage required
Low Level Laser Therapy= Ocassionally
Shampoo + Conditioners= Temporarily its not technically growing thicker hair


• If there is a decline in QUANTITY or QUALITY of blood to the hair follicle, it will start to grow a weaker strand of hair.
• Minoxidil and Low Level Laser Treatments help to stimulate blood supply to your hair follicle – however it is only normal blood supply, therefore the follicle receives MORE blood supply, but not BETTER blood supply.
• PRP for Hair Loss INCREASES the AMOUNT + QUALITY of blood to your hair follicles.
Finasteride helps to reduce the damage DHT causes on your hair and may help to regrow thicker hair, however to maintain it requires ongoing consumption.

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Hair Transplants PRP for Hair Loss Great Directions Scott Moore

prp for hair loss treatmentsHair Transplants PRP for Hair Loss Great Directions Scott Moore