Look Good and Feel Great Video Blog – 24th March 2016

Look Good and Feel Great with Scott Moore and Great Directions Australia

About this video:

This video blog has been recorded by Scott Moore from Great Directions Australia on 24th March 2016. In today’s video blog, Scott talks about PRP for Hair Loss and PRP for the Face and Skin.   Every cell in the body requires a healthy supply of quality blood in order for that cell to produce its optimum output.  Eg. For a muscle cell to be strong, it needs blood supply,  a reduction in blood supply will result in the cell becoming weaker.   PRP takes the growth factors and nutrients from your blood and concentrates it!  Therefore, PRP is like a strong and natural fertiliser!  Within your blood you have:

  • Red Blood Cells – carry oxygen
  • White Blood Cells – fight disease and infection
  • Platelets – repair damaged, deteriorated and injured cells
  • Plasma – carries the nutrients, vitamins and proteins that our cells need.

A concentration of HEALING platelets and NUTRIENT RICH plasma is what PRP is made up of.

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