Pre-Order  Treatment Add-On Options

Remember, PRP is made from your own blood supply!

Therefore preparing yourself (as per our recommendations) will significantly influence the EFFECTIVENESS of your upcoming PRP Treatments.  You should be consuming a BALANCED diet of unprocessed carbohydrates, lean protein sources, minimal to no sugar and at least 3 x recommended pieces of fruit + 5 cups of recommended vegetables = for at LEAST the day prior AND the day of the treatment itself.  Oh!  And don’t forget 1L of water per 30kg of body weight. 

A comprehensive explanation about our Pre-Treatment Recommendations can be found in our book called “How To Get The Best Results”.

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Do you need to change or alter your upcoming treatment reservation?

The best way for you to do this is via our online request form.  Remember, any change must be MORE than 5 hrs prior to the start of the treatment time for the change to be free.  If the request is received within 5hrs from the start of the treatment time, then a $50 fee is payable.  If the request is received AFTER the actual treatment booking time, then that treatment credit will be forfeited.

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prp for hair loss treatments

Did you want to add the ADDITIONAL Vial of PRP to your booking?

Purchasing this option will mean we extract MORE of your blood so that MORE PRP is then used at your PRP treatment:

Ideal for clients with advanced hair loss or clients are experiencing rapid/fast hair loss or thinning
 Allows you to spread your PRP treatments further apart (great for clients who travel long distances to get to us!)
Not recommended to clients receiving their initial 2 x PRP treatments.
Can not be used to treat a different area.
► Allow for an additional 10mins to the treatment duration
If you ensure you CORRECTLY prepare for your PRP treatments (as per our recommendations) then is will further enhance the effectiveness of this Additional Vial of PRP option.

Price:  $50

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Did you want us to have any of our EXCLUSIVE Aloe Vera Gel available for you to take home?

aloe vera gel and hair loss great directions

Aloe Vera Gel has shown to assist with:

Minimising Hair Breakage
Reducing Dandruff + a Flaky Scalp
Promotes Faster Hair Growth because it boosts blood supply
Strengthens Hair Strands
Cleans away built up oil + sweat without stripping away too much of the “good” oils that help to stop your hair from breaking.
 Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral + Anti-Septic properties which help to clean the head, whilst it also contains an abundance of naturally occuring vitaimins, minerals and amino acids.

Heaps of our clients use our Aloe Vera gel as a shampoo and conditioner with excellent results!
Click Here for instructions about how to use our Aloe Vera Gel as a shampoo and conditioner.

Price:  $40

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to avoid all carbohydrates?

No!  Carbohydrates are vital nutrients for your body and also for your hair growth as well!  We recommend that you avoid processed carbohydrate sources such as:

►  Bread (all types!)
►  Pasta (all types!)
►  Rice (all types!)
►  White Potato
►  Noodles (all types)

Substitute the above with:
►  Sweet Potato
►  Quinoa
►  Barley
►  Lentils + Beans (not from a can though)
►  Rolled Oats

It is important with each of your main meals that you have at least 1 portion of carbohydrates on your plate or in your smoothie

Instead of having the smoothie, can I just eat the same ingredients throughout the day?

Your body will absorb more of the nutrients if you consume everything in a smoothie on an EMPTY stomach – as compared with you eating all of the ingredients throughout the course of the day.   That is why we strongly recommend consuming our “Recipe For Success” smoothie for a minimum of 2 days prior to each PRP treatment.   However, consuming it everyday for breakfast will benefit your hair growth and your scalp!

You will be amazed at how AMAZING you will feel if you consume our EXACT recipe (without changing it) everyday for breakfast for 4 weeks then stop drinking it = you will definitely feel the difference!  Want the recipe – click here