Preparing for a Hair Transplant

Preparing for a Hair Transplant


This hair transplant blog was written by Scott Moore at Great Directions Australia – 26th October 2015

Hi, Scott Moore here.  I am the founder of Great Directions and I have consulted to over 15,000 men & women who are experiencing hair loss.  I have also over seen 8000+ PRP for Hair Loss treatments and 1500+ hair transplant procedures as well.  One thing is clear to me, patients that combine PRP with a Hair Transplant experience faster and enhanced results compared with patients who do not combine PRP with a hair transplant.  This blog helps to explain why you should be consider PRP if you are preparing for a hair transplant.

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Think of a hair transplant as though you are “transplanting a tree”.


Tree Transplant Preparation

When you transplant a tree, it is recommend that you do the following steps;
Fertilse the tree BEFORE moving it
Fertilise the SOIL that you are moving the tree to
Move the tree (transplant it)
Fertilise the tree AFTER moving it
And, if you intend on growing a plant in the area that originally had the tree before it was transplanted, then it is recommended that you fertilise the SOIL.

  Hair Transplants Skin Needling Roller Great DirectionsHair Transplants Skin Needling Roller Great Directions 

Hair Transplant Preparation

When you transplant a hair follicle, it is recommend that you do the following steps;
• Promote the health of the follicle BEFORE the transplant (Increase blood supply)

Fertilise the SKIN that you are moving the hair follicle to (Increase blood supply)
Move the hair follicle (hair transplant procedure)
Fertilise” the hair follicle AFTER moving it (Increase blood supply)
And, if you intend on reducing shock loss in the donor region and/or the build up of scar tissue in the donor region, then it is recommended that you “fertilise” the skin in the donor region. (Increase blood supply)

Hair Transplants Skin Needling Roller Great Directions

This image shows PRP injections being used to “fertilise” a hair follicle and surrounding skin with the growth factors from your own blood.  PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.  More information about WHY PRP treatments can enhance the results of a hair transplant is available below.

What is PRP?

PRP is the abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma.  

Where does PRP come from?

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is sourced from your own blood supply.  Within your blood you have:PRP for Hair Loss Platelet Rich Plasma Great Directions
• RED BLOOD CELLS help to carry oxygen throughout your body.
• WHITE BLOOD CELLS assist with fitting disease and infection.
• PLATELETS repair damage and injuries 
• PLASMA contains water and other nutrients such as enzymes, salts & proteins.

By extracting a small sample of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge separates 4 parts of your blood.  PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of your platelets (to repair damage) and plasma (nutrients). 

Why you should include PRP if you are preparing for a hair transplant?

Younger skin will respond to trauma and stress BETTER than older skin.  This is because younger skin has more blood supply, and therefore collagen and elastin levels in the skin are very high, resulting in the skin recovering from stress (such as surgery) faster than older skin.  One of the best ways to boost your scalps collagen and elastin levels is with PRP treatments.

When you receive a hair transplant, your hair follicles are SURGICALLY extracted from the back of the head, and hair transplants prp for hair loss great directions scott moorethen SURGICALLY implanted into the area that you want to grow more hair in.   Each part of the hair transplant involves the word “SURGICALLY”, this means the doctor will use a sharp tool to cut into the scalp.  Each time the scalp is cut, the area needs to heal and recover.  Skin that has a high degree of collagen and elastin is more likely to recover FASTER as compared to skin with a low/reduced amount of collagen/elastin.  

Platelets are used by your body to repair damage.  PRP contains concentrated growth factors. These growth factors signal cells to repair & rejuvenate.  By creating a small and controlled injury to your scalp and incorporating PRP will initiate a wound response by your body.  This means your body will send platelets to the area to repair the damage.  PRP Treatments enhances the number of platelets in the area by injecting more platelets into the area.  This increases the AMOUNT natural growth factors your hair follicles receive.  Growth factors is like your bodies FAVOURITE form of fertiliser.


By creating a SMALL and CONTROLLED injury to the scalp with PRP treatments by Great Directions, your body will send platelets and plasma to the area to repair the damaged skin.  However, whilst the platelets are in the region, they can also identify the damage to your hair follicles and therefore release growth factors that can signal damaged hair follicles to grow & repair.  Therefore, if you are planning a hair transplant, you can be certain to experience an enhanced result by including PRP treatments before, during and after receiving a hair transplant procedure.

Is there any risk of damage?

The PRP for Hair Loss treatment protocol followed by Great Directions guarantees that it will assist and promote an enhanced Hair Transplant result.  We have performed over 1000 hair transplant and PRP combination treatments, and ~200 of these patients have received a hair transplant previously (meaning this was their 2nd hair transplant procedure).  The first hair transplant did not include PRP treatments, their second hair transplant did include PRP treatments by Great Directions.  100% of the patients that combined PRP with a hair transplant said they wished they had included PRP with their first hair transplant procedure.

Here is a video of Scott Moore discussing Hair Transplants and PRP for Hair Loss?

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