How to prepare for your PRP for Face + Skin treatment?

How to prepare for your PRP for Face + Skin treatment?

This question is answered by Scott Moore on behalf of Great Directions Australia – 28th April 2016.

PRP is sourced from your own blood supply, therefore the better the quality of the platelet rich plasma to be injected the more efficient the treatment will be. Similarly, the skin receiving PRP injections must be healthy and ready prior to the treatment for optimum results. Therefore, in order to receive a powerful and effective treatment, it is very important to arrive healthy and prepared for your treatment.

This blog contains important recommendations that our patients are recommended to follow prior to attending their PRP for face + skin treatment.

5-7 Days before your PRP FaceTreatment:

Please view the below recommendations that are advised to be followed 5 – 7 days before your PRP Treatment.
  • Eat Healthy Food: Where possible, try to eat nutrient rich meals. Attempt to consume plenty of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lean proteins (meat, chicken + fish) and simple carbohydrates (eg. Sweet Potato is preferred to White Bread etc).
  • Hydration: Aim to keep well hydrated with approx 8-10 glasses of water. If you exercise, you are likely to require high levels of hydration. 8-10 glasses of water is recommended, substitutions like coffee, milk, juice, soft drinks, sports drinks and alcohol do not count towards the 8-10 glasses tally.
  • Rest & Recovery: Aim to achieve 7-9 hours of quality sleep & rest time per day. Address any excessive stress that may be present, eg Infra-red Sauna Treatments are helpful for MANY of our clients to help reduce stress & helps to promote improved sleep as well, another option is to consume a B Complex Vitamin!
  • Supplements: We recommend ensuring your diet has adequate levels of vitamins B, C & D. If you do not, you can consider consuming a vitamin B Complex (slow release preferred) and vitamin C tablets.
  • Avoid: Anti-inflammatory Medication. If you have been prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, please consult the treating professional to confirm if it is safe for you to discontinue consumption for approx 5-7 days leading up to your PRP procedure. You can also ask your treating professional if there is an alternative treatment that you can consider.
  • Sick or Unwell: If you are sick or unwell and require any form of medical treatment, you should reconsider having your PRP treatment until you are healthy & well. Any disease, infection or inflammation can impact the quality of your PRP. Please note, if you are sick or unwell, to avoid a cancellation fee please call us a minimum 1 business day prior to change, alter or cancel your PRP treatment reservation.

how to prepare for your PRP for face + skin treatment?
how to prepare for your PRP face + skin treatment?

avoid antiinflammatory medicines before your PRP Treatment

2-3 Days before your PRP Face Treatment:

  • Continue following the recommendations mentioned in the previous section.
  • Avoid: Please discontinue consumption of fish oil supplements – unless you have been recommended to consume this medication by a doctor because of a cardiac related concern or pre-existing condition. If you are consuming fish oil as part of a treatment plan from a medical professional, please consult them if you can discontinue consumption for approx 2-3 days. Once you have received your PRP treatment, you can re-commence consumption.
  • Avoid: If you are planning to dye or colour your hair, please avoid this 2-3 days prior to your treatment. You can safely colour the hair approx 2-3 days after your treatment.
  • Check Your Diary: In order to keep our prices affordable and accessible WHILST ensuring we have highly skilled, trained & committed Nurses are rostered on to do the treatments, if you need to change, alter or cancel your PRP Appointment without a fee or charge will need to be completed MORE than 24hrs prior to your scheduled treatment.  If you request to change, alteration or cancellation made WITHIN 24hrs, we will attempt to accommodate you, however if we cannot and you are unable to attend your original appointment time, a 100% cancellation fee will be required.  

prp for face pre treatment recommendations

1 Day Before + On The Day of your PRP for Face Treatment:

  • Continue following the recommendations mentioned in the previous section.
  • Avoid: Strenuous & Intense workouts. Cardio focused activities & workouts are ok, however not within 4 hours of your PRP treatment
  • Prepare: the region by shaving, but not damaging or irritating the area. 
  • Avoid: Alcohol consumption for 24-48hrs prior to your treatment. If you MUST have a drink, please keep it to within 1-2 standard drinks and ensure you increase the intake of water accordingly. Please do not consume ANY alcohol on the day of your treatment
  • Avoid: Caffeine for 24-48hrs prior to your treatment. Remember caffeine is present in many of the things you consume including; coffee, tea, energy drinks & gym supplements.
  • Avoid: Cigarettes & tobacco products for 24-48hrs prior to your treatment.
  • Pack food for the day. If you are coming straight to your PRP treatment from work, you may wish to pack food for the day. You want to ensure you are avoiding fatty foods, food with a high salt or sugar content should be avoided as well.  Aim for a healthy and substantial breakfast, lunch and dinner!  And aim to consume 1L of fresh water for every 30kg of body weight.  Therefore 90kg = 3L of water.
  • Pack change of clothes, if you are coming straight from work, you may want to bring a change of clothes so that you are comfortable during the treatment.  That way, you can use the time to relax and unwind, instead of being in uncomfortable work clothes.  Ideally bring a button up shirt so we can access the area easily.
  • Bring a Music Player and In-Ear Headset/Headphones – this is a great way to relax whilst the local anaesthetic is being absorbed. 

On the morning before PRP what can and can’t do

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