PRP for Hair Loss Prices & Packages

About our PRP Prices and Packages:

•   The prices listed below are for our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.  For our PRP for the Face Treatment Pricing = Click Here
We offer significant discounts to patients who PRE-PURCHASE treatments from us in blocks of 4 or more treatments in one transaction.  

Why are our prices so low compared to other clinics?

•    The average price of a PRP for Hair Loss treatment can exceed $500-1000 per treatment.
•    However, these clinics are commonly performing less than 5-20 PRP treatments per week.
At Great Directions, we ONLY perform PRP treatments.
•    Since 2012, we have consistently performed 100-140 PRP treatments per week.
•    This enables us to benefit from being able to maximise discounts from our suppliers.
•    This means we are able to offer GUARANTEED* PRP treatments (Full Details on the guarantee are available by
Clicking Here)

How many treatments are required?

•    When starting PRP treatments, patients are recommended to do 4 x PRP Treatments spaced 1-4 weeks apart.
•    Maintenance treatments can vary from 1 x treatment every 2-6 months.  Once the initial 4 x treatments have been performed, we will be able to determine your optimum treatment timing intervals
•   We recommend patients purchase the 4 x treatment package when first starting PRP for Hair Loss Treatments, because we won’t know how many treatments you will require until after you have completed the initial 4 x PRP treatments (spaced 1-4 weeks apart)


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1 x PRP Treatment

Was : $400 each
Now : $299 each

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4 x treatments prepaid

4 x Pre-Paid Treatments

Was : $1600 ($400 each)
Now : $996 ($249 each)

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12mths All Inclusive Package

Total Value : $3900+ 
PrePaid Price : $2388 

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