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PRP for Hair Loss Prices & Packages

PRP for Hair Loss Prices Great Directions

Was $350 each
Now $175 each*
*Limited to 1 per person

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6 Month Package
incl all the required treatments over 6mths
Was:  $2792
Now:  $1790 

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1 year (12mth) Package
incl all the required treatments over 12mths

Was:  $4192
Now:  $2790*

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PRP for Hair Loss Prices & Packages

Do we offer a Money Back Guarantee with our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments?
  Yes!  We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to all PRP for Hair Loss Patients.  Conditions do apply:  Learn More

Treatment Timings:
To begin with, we recommend:
    4 x Initial PRP Treatments (1-4 weeks apart)

After doing the initial 4 x Treatments (1-4 weeks apart), you can choose to one of the below:
    Prevent + Maintain: PRP treatments every 2-4 months

    Regrow + Thicken:  PRP treatments every 1-2 months

Why are our prices so low compared to other clinics?
   At Great Directions, we ONLY perform PRP treatments.
   Since 2012, we have consistently performed 100-140 PRP treatments per week.
  This enables us to benefit from being able to maximise discounts from our suppliers.
  This means we are able to offer GUARANTEED* PRP treatments at affordable prices (Full Details on the guarantee are available by Clicking Here)

Prp for hair loss pricing prices great directions

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