PRP for Hair Loss Prices

12 Months Program

Was: $4385

Now: $1990

What does this package include?

This package includes:  All of the required PRP treatments that you will require over a 12 consecutive months (treatment intervals will be planned every 3 months based on a consultation with Scott or Troy)


1,  If you require monthly or even fortnightly PRP = INCLUDED
2,  If you require an additional vial = INCLUDED
3,  If you plan to get a transplant and need some additional PRP treatments leading up to the transplant or after the transplant procedure = INCLUDED
4,  If you are planning on going on an extended holiday (3-6mths) and need to do fortnightly treatments for 2-3 months leading up to your holiday, to ensure you are covered whilst you go away = INCLUDED

All the required PRP for Hair Loss Treatments that you need over a 12 month period!

Sold Separately:  $4385
Package Price:  $1990

What are the benefits of this package?

It is our experience after performing more than 16,000 PRP treatments that the human body responds better when it receives SMALLER treatments MORE frequently as opposed to LARGER treatments LESS frequently.  This does not apply to just PRP, it applies to nearly everything we do for our body:

1.  FOOD:  The body prefers to receive 5 x smaller meals throughout the day – as opposed to 1 larger meal once a day
2.  WATER:  The body prefers that we drink small amounts of water throughout the day – as opposed to drinking all of it at once.
3,  EXERCISE:  The body responds better to doing shorter workouts spaced close together – as opposed to doing 1 x longer session per week.
4.  MEDICATION:  The body responds better to receiving smaller doses of medication repeatedly – as opposed to taking a weeks worth of medication all at the one time.

There is only so much that our body can absorb and utilise, therefore what is not utilised by the body is passed out when we go to the bathroom.  The same applies to PRP for Hair Loss Treatments, receiving small and constant PRP treatments has proven to achieve better results after reviewing the results from the 16,000 PRP treatments that we are proud to have completed.

Please ensure you read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION below prior to purchasing your PRP for Hair Loss Package.PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-20 PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-21 PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-22 PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-23 PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-24 PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-25 PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-26 PRP-for-hair-loss-review-great-directions-27

Please note the before and afters above demonstrate the results that THIS patient achieved with PRP for Hair Loss Treatments by Great Directions. People can respond to all forms of medical treatments differently, please request a consultation or read in detail about PRP. Seek the advise of a medical professional for a second opinion.

Product Description

What happens at a PRP for Hair Loss Treatment?

Step 1: Consultation & Photos
Step 2:
Scalp Cleanse & Topical Local Anaesthetic
Step 3:
Extract the blood & spin it down in a centrifuge
Step 4:
Apply the PRP Treatment
Step 5: Apply our PRP Lock In Organic Gel – improves PRP absorption

Please Allow 60-75mins for each PRP for Hair Loss Treatment

Important Information + Terms:

*Valid 12mths from the date of purchase.  
*If you are unsure if this treatment is suitable for you, please contact us prior to purchasing a treatment.  Refunds will not be provided because you have changed your mind because you did not have a consultation prior to purchasing the promotion or offer or treatment.
*Treatment to the sides and back of your scalp are not covered by purchasing this treatment. If these area’s require treatment, the patient will need to allow an additional $250 to include PRP treatment to these areas.
*All reservations are subject to a 24hr cancellation & amendment policy.    Requests made within 24hrs of their appointment will be subject to a 100% cancellation, rescheduling & amended fee.
*No refunds are provided, unless required to by Australian Consumer Law or if the patient is considered medically not suitable for the treatment, and will unlikely be medically suitable for the treatment within the next 12 months. Where the patient is considered medically unsuitable, a letter from an Australian Registered Doctor or Surgeon is required that clearly states the reason why a patient should be considered to be medically unsuitable to receive the treatments, and for how long the patient is likely to be considered medically unsuitable for the treatment. The letter is to be sent from the Doctor’s/Surgeon’s clinic/practice email address, or posted directly to a Great Direction Clinic & the letter is to be on the Doctor’s/Surgeon’s official letterhead. Great Directions may choose to extend the validity period instead of offering a refund. Refunds will be provided within 21 days of a completed refund request being received.
*Refunds will be calculated at the rate of the Pay As You Go price MULTIPLED by the treatments already used MINUS the cost of the package. 

*Please call/contact our office to confirm approx treatment times. Refunds will not be issued because a patient’s preferred treatment time/schedule is not readily available.