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12 Month Package

$ 2,990.00 $ 1,790.00

Important Information:

Purchased Separately:  $3994
Package Price:    $2990
Until 9pm on Saturday 7th July 2018 =  $1790*


What’s Included?

+  PRP for Hair Growth Treatments:  12mths of all the required Standard PRP for Hair Growth Treatments (as per our recommendations) – Maximum 14 treatments assuming 3-4 weekly intervals and a minimum of 8 x treatments assuming treatment intervals of 6-8 weeks.

+  50% off Additional Vial Option:  Some clients have larger treatment area’s than others OR they have experienced more rapid and a greater severity of hair loss WHICH MEANS they can select to DOUBLE the amount of PRP that is used at each treatment.  Normally this costs $100.   However with this package, you only need to pay $50.

+  50% off PRP for Face Treatments:  With this package – you have the option of adding a PRP face treatment when you come in for your PRP for Hair Treatment.  There are 5 zones you can choose to add on.  Each zone normally costs $100 each.  However by purchasing this package, you receive a 50% discount.  Therefore the price per zone = $50 instead of $100.  Below is a picture of the 5 zones.

More info about this package?

+ No booking restrictions – you can book your treatments during our PEAK or OFF-PEAK times.
—- Tuesday to Friday:  12pm to 7:30pm
—- AND Saturday: 9am to 3pm
—- AND the 1st Sunday in every month: 10am to 3pm

+ If you go on holidays, you can suspend the package for up to 3 months, then recommence it when you return.  Please note this can only be done once throughout the package term.

+ Included PRP treatments = PRP for Genetic Hair Loss, patients with another form of hair loss or who are looking to incorporate PRP for the Face/Skin are NOT able to swap treatments.

Terms and Conditions relating to the purchase of ANY product or service from Great Directions are viewable  at:

How many treatments does this package include?

+  Purchasing this package entitles the client to receive all of the required PRP for Hair Growth Treatments that they require (as per our recommendations) over a 12mth period.  This means you don’t have to keep track of how many treatments you have left on your account.

Unsure if this package is right for you?

 We recommend that prior to purchasing, all patients should request a free consultation so we can determine if this package is appropriate for you.

Important Information:

Purchased Separately:  $3994
Package Price:    $2990
Now =  $1790

For More Info About Our PRP for Hair Loss

About PRP for Hair Growth:

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