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PRP for Hair Loss Great Directions Package

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Total Value:  $3,588
Now:  $2490*

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Additional Terms + Conditions

+ Purchase this package + you do not have to pay extra to be able to book during our Peak Treatment Times.  This means you can book your treatment during our PEAK and OFF PEAK times for no additional cost (normally $50 for Peak Times)
If you go on holidays, you can suspend the package for up to 3 months, then recommence it when you return.  Please note this can only be done once throughout the package term.
Included PRP treatments = PRP for Genetic Hair Loss, patients with another form of hair loss or who are looking to incorporate PRP for the Face/Skin are NOT able to swap treatments.  
Please note treatments can not be swapped or exchanged or refunded.  Purchasing this package entitles one (1) person to all the required the PRP for Genetic Hair Loss Treatments over a 12 mth period – as per Great Directions recommendations.  If the patient starts to experience a new or secondary hair loss condition, then any additional treatments that they may require will not be included in this package.  An example:  If the patient starts to experience alopecia areata (an auto immune condition triggering hair loss in the shape of dots or patches), then the patient will be required to purchase additional treatments to treat this NEW condition, because this package only covers the patient for genetic or male/female pattern hair loss.  

+ In some instances, patients may decide to purchase our ADDITIONAL vial option (this involves taking MORE blood so that MORE PRP is used at each treatment) = $50 is required to be paid if you select this option.

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