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$199 PRP for Hair Loss Treatment

Was: $299

Now: $199

Product Description

This $199 Offer is subject to the below conditions:

1.  The $199 Offer provides 1 x Standard PRP for Hair Loss Treatment.  In some cases where the patient has a large treatment area, the patient will be recommended to upgrade to our Enhanced Treatment for $50.  This means we collect MORE blood which means MORE PRP is achieved to adequately treat the area correctly.  This determination is made by our staff when you arrive for each treatment.
2.  Treatments can only be booked from 1pm to 4pm Tuesday to Friday.
3.  If you wish to redeem this voucher after 4pm weekdays or on the weekend, an additional $50 is payable but this is paid when you attend the clinic.
4.  This is for our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.  If you would like to receive a PRP for the Face Treatment an additional $50 is payable.
There is no MINIMUM or MAXIMUM number of treatments that you can purchase, however please be aware that all purchases are valid for 18mths from the date of the original purchase.
6.  As per all purchases with Great Directions, please refer to our purchasing policy as well as our cancellation and refund policy at 

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Terms + Conditions

Includes treatment to the entire male or female pattern balding area.  Patients with different forms of alopecia (hair loss) should contact us prior to ensure this package is suitable for them.
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