Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Was: $499

Now: $349

Buy 1 x PRP for the Face Treatment and receive 1 x additional treatment for FREE*!

*Limited to 4 x treatments + 4 x free treatments can be purchased at this price.
*Treatments must be scheduled between 11am to 3pm weekdays + 9am to 11am on Saturdays

Benefits of PRP for the Face
REDUCE the appearance of lines and wrinkles
REDUCE the appearance of facial scars (eg acne scars)
REDUCE the size of enlarged skin pores
REDUCE and minimise the amount of oil secretions (for oily skin because of overactive sebum secretions)
IMPROVE the elasticity of the skin
BOOST your skins cellular hydration levels (for dry skin)
BALANCE uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation.(eg dark circles under the eyes)

What’s Included:
Step 1:  
Consultation & Photos
Step 2:  
Apply Topical Local Anaesthetic to the skin
Step 3: 
Extract the blood & spin it down in a centrifuge
Step 4:  
Apply the PRP Treatment

Step 5:  Apply our Rejuvenating Aloe Vera Mask

Total Time = 60-75mins 

Please ensure you read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION below prior to purchasing your PRP Face and PRP Skin Treatment.

PRP-for-face-and-skin-rejuvenation-reviews-great-directions-10   PRP-for-face-and-skin-rejuvenation-reviews-great-directions-6


Please note the before and afters above demonstrate the results that THIS patient achieved with PRP for Face Treatments by Great Directions.  People can respond to all forms of medical treatments differently, please request a consultation or read in detail about PRP.  Seek the advise of a medical professional for a second opinion.


Product Description

What happens at a PRP for Face Treatment?

Step 1:  Consultation & Photos
Step 2:  
Cleanse, Exfoliate & Apply Topical Local Anesthetic to the skin
Step 3: 
Extract the blood & spin it down in a centrifuge
Step 4:  
Apply the PRP Treatment

Step 5:  Apply our Rejuvenating Aloe Vera Mask

Total Time = 90mins 

Understanding PRP Face and PRP Skin Treatments

PRP Face and PRP Skin Treatments can help with:
 ANTI – AGING by promoting the production of collagen & increasing the elasticity of your skin

 REDUCE HYPER PIGMENTATION even out discolouration by promoting the health of your face & skin
ACNE accelerate the speed your skin heals AFTER an acne break out.  
WRINKLES  reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles by boosting collagen levels
HYDRATE  your skin at a cellular level
 SCARRING can be reduced by using PRP and Skin Needling Treatments
 IMPROVE the elasticity of the skin
REDUCE the size of large skin pores

PRP Face and PRP Skin Treatments offer a natural approach to rejuvenating your skin because:
Improving the collagen levels of the skin

•  Instead of using drugs, chemicals and poisons, PRP is sourced from your own blood supply
•  Results can be experienced after as few as 3-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart
•  Improvements can be seen as quickly as 3-5 days
•  Improvements will continue to occur for up to 6 months after each treatment.
•  It takes our bodies 4-6 weeks to produce NEW collagen.

Initial Booster Treatments:

When first commencing PRP Face and Skin Treatments, patients are recommended to receive 4 x Initial Booster Treatments.  For example;
4 x Initial Treatments (1-6 weeks apart) 

Important Information + Terms:

*Valid 12mths from the date of purchase.  
*If you are unsure if this treatment is suitable for you, please contact us prior to purchasing a treatment.  Refunds will not be provided because you have changed your mind because you did not have a consultation prior to purchasing the promotion or offer or treatment.
*Purchasing this package entitles the clients to 1 x VIAL of PRP for use.
*Each treatment can only be used towards face.
*The LED Light (Optional) to rapidly enhance the results of your PRP for face treatment is not included in this purchase. Each LED Light Therapy costs $70 extra.
*Treatment to the neck and scalp are not covered by purchasing this treatment. If these area’s require treatment, the patient will need to allow an additional $250 to include PRP treatment to these areas.

*All reservations are subject to a 24hr cancellation & amendment policy.  This allows the patient to TELEPHONE during business hours at least 1 x Business Day before the scheduled appointment and request to post pone, amend or reschedule the appointment for free.  Requests made within 1 x business day will be subject to a 100% cancellation, rescheduling & amended fee.
*Purchases must be redeemed within 12mths from the date of purchase
*No further discounts or rebates are available
*No refunds are provided, unless required to by Australian Consumer Law Eg 1. What has been advertised, differs from what is fulfilled. Eg 2. The patient is considered medically unsuitable for the treatments and will unlikely be medically suitable to receive the treatment inside the offer’s validity period (12 months). Where the patient is considered medically unsuitable, a letter from an Australian Registered Doctor or Surgeon is required that clearly states the reason why a patient should be considered to be medically unsuitable to receive the treatments, and for how long the patient is likely to be considered medically unsuitable for the treatment. The letter is to be sent from the Doctor’s/Surgeon’s clinic/practice email address, or posted directly to a Great Direction Clinic & the letter is to be on the Doctor’s/Surgeon’s official letterhead. Great Directions may choose to extend the validity period instead of offering a refund. Refunds will be provided within 21 days of a completed refund request being received.
*Please call/contact our office to confirm approx treatment times. Refunds will not be issued because a patient’s preferred treatment time/schedule is not readily available.
*Available payment methods include: Credit Card via our Secure Website, Credit Card over the Phone (call 1300 875 277),  American Express or Diners Card purchases are only able to be completed via Paypal on our website.  We do NOT accept American Express in our clinic.  If you wish to pay using this method, please ensure you are completing the transaction via the website.