Ultimate At Home PrePaid Package

Was: $1210

Now: $990

What’s included in our Ultimate Hair Regrowth Pack?

The package consists a 12mths months supply of:
• Bosley Shampoo and Conditioner (valued $280)
• Our Exclusive Aloe Vera Gel (valued at $480)
• Herbal DHT Blocking Supplement (valued at $240)
• Skin Needling Rollers (valued at $240)
• Nu Comb (valued at $20)

SOLD SEPARATELY (total cost) : $1210
PRE-PAID (total cost) : $990

Product Description

PRP for Hair Loss Melbourne
About Bosley’s Shampoo + Conditioner:
Bosley Professional Strength Revive Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss contains the below elements that have been proven to benefit the health of your scalp and assists in promoting hair growth!
Penta-Peptide: This scalp and skin rejuvenation peptide is a key differential between Bosley and the rest of the shampoo’s on the market. A Healthy Scalp is vital for Healthy & Thick Hair Growth
Life-Extend: There are a lot of shampoos that contain Saw Palmetto (a proven DHT inhibitor), however, Bosley contains powerful concentrations of Saw Palmetto extract (meaning its concentration of the DHT blocking agents is higher). Bosley report that their Life-Extend Saw Palmetto extract is more effective than shampoos that contain Saw Palmetto.
Anti-Fungal Ingredients: The anti-fungal properties of the Bosley Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss is extremely effective.
No Sulfur: This prevents your hair from becoming too dry
Prepares the Scalp: For when you apply topical treatments such as our Organic Aloe Vera Gel or Topical Minoxidil and promotes greater absorption into the scalp.
Hair Feels Thicker: The Bosley Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss helps to condition and strengthen your hair strands, therefore resulting in thicker feeling hair.
Colour Friendly: We recommend everyone uses the product for colour treated hair, as it is less harsh on your hair and the best option for thinning hair OR coloured hair.

About the Great Directions’ Exclusive Aloe Vera Gel:
Our Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel contains 75 varying elements that have been proven to benefit the human body in one way or another!
• Boosts Blood Supply: Aloe Vera Gel has vasodilation properties, this means it can help to promote the amount of blood your hair follicles receives by causing your blood vessels to OPEN UP and therefore promoting enhanced circulation and blood supply to your hair follicles.
• Hair Breakage: Aloe Vera Gel contains saponins which bond with your hair to help make hair stronger and less prone to breakage.
• Dandruff: Aloe Vera Gel contains anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties which explain why Aloe Vera Gel may assist in reducing the symptoms of dandruff.
• Hair Feels Thicker: Aloe Vera Gel helps the body to make stronger hair because it boosts blood supply to the hair follicle which encourages the growth of thicker and stronger hair.  Less Scalp Irritation: Aloe Vera Gel contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce negative inflammation

Herbal DHT Blocking Supplement
Consuming a daily DHT blocking supplement is strongly recommended for people experiencing genetic hair loss. Get the facts about Saw Palmetto and Hair Loss:
• Saw Palmetto has shown to assist in reducing DHT levels in the body, without the unwanted side effects of consuming prescription medication such as finasteride.
• Saw Palmetto is actually a plant, the fruit that it produces enable Saw Palmetto Extract to be produced.
• Some studies have reported that Saw Palmetto helps to BOOST sex drive levels (eg. A natural aphrodisiac).
• However, be careful to follow the recommended dosage levels, because over-consumption of this supplement may reduce the effectiveness of your platelets, however, some studies also dispute this fact. Either way, stick to the recommended dosage levels given to you by a health practitioner or on the product’s label.
• Consuming Lysine (an amino acid in the Recipe for Success smoothie) has shown to boost Saw Palmetto’s effectiveness at reducing DHT levels.
• This supplement is best taken twice a day instead of once a day.

Skin Needling Roller
Skin Needling for Hair Loss is a proven technique for enhancing hair growth. Get the facts on Skin Needling:
• Involves rolling ultra fine small needles over the skin.
• This creates a controlled injury, therefore your body will send PLATELETS and PLASMA to the area to repair the injury/damage caused by the skin needling roller.
• The increase blood supply to the area helps to repair the damage and injuries to the hair follicles which has been caused by DHT.
Platelets release growth factors that help to repair the injury and damage caused by DHT to your hair follicles, therefore helping to promote the regrowth of thicker and healthier hair.
• The medical grade stainless steel needles also will promote the penetration and effectiveness of our nutrient-rich Aloe Vera Gel (Exclusive to Great Directions)