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About PRP Face Treatments?

PRP Face Treatments or Platelet Rich Plasma for the Face, is an exciting skin rejuvenation treatment that can be used to improve the health and youthfulness of your face and skin – at a cellular level.  PRP is not a drug or cosmetic injectable, PRP is made by extracting a small amount of blood and spinning the blood around in circles in a centrifuge.  This separates the blood into 4 components (red cells, white cells, platelets & plasma). The image to the left shows a vial with yellow/gold liquid at the top and dark-red at the bottom.  The yellow/gold liquid are the separated platelets and plasma, the dark-red liquid are the separated red blood cells.  The yellow/gold liquid is a solution with an increased concentration of :
PLATELETS – these blood cells repair cells that are damaged or injured.
 – this is the fluid part of your blood, it carries nutrients through your body.

To start receiving PRP Face Treatments, we recommend:
3 x Initial PRP for Face and Skin Treatments – spaced 2-6 weeks apart from each other

The best thing about PRP Face Treatments, is that there is NO Daily Drugs, NO Daily Pills or Tablets, NO Botox and NO chemical fillers.

100% Money Back Guarantee

As the 1st Australian  Clinic to successfully complete 17,000+ PRP treatments, we have been able to enhance and fine-tune our PRP face treatments to ensure they are successful. Therefore, we are proud to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with our PRP for the face treatments.

The patient must receive at least 12 continuous months of PRP treatments as per our all of our recommendations.

REDUCE the appearance of lines and wrinkles
REDUCE the appearance of facial scars (eg acne scars)
REDUCE the size of enlarged skin pores
REDUCE and minimise the amount of oil secretions (for oily skin because of overactive sebum secretions)
IMPROVE the elasticity of the skin
BOOST your skins cellular hydration levels (for dry skin)
BALANCE uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation.(eg dark circles under the eyes)

Commencing PRP Treatments: 3 x Treatments spaced 2-6 weeks apart from each other

PRP FAce Treatment Great Directions PRP Injections for the face

PRP Face Treatments: Videos that explain it further?

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PRP for the Face: Get the facts!

Scott Moore (founder of Great Directions) explains how our PRP for the Face Treatments work (aka the Vampire Facial).

What happens at a PRP Face Treatment?

Step 1: Preparing for your PRP Face Treatment

Remember, PRP is made exclusively from your own blood supply.  Therefore, making sure your blood is nutrient rich and with minimal toxins, will ensure the PRP that is used at every treatment is strong.   We recommend patients INCREASE their consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, and to AVOID the consumption of processed foods, alcohol, all forms of smoking and caffeine.   If you are consuming any other medication please contact us to see if it poses any issues. Please do not attend the clinic with any make up on.  Attending the clinic with recently cleansed and exfoliated skin will enhance your results. If we are required to perform a cleanse and exfoliation of your face prior to the treatment, this will add 15mins to the treatment duration and a cost of $30.

Step 2: Arrive at the clinic for your PRP for the Face Treatment

When you arrive at the clinic.  You will be greeted by a Great Directions staff member who answer any last minute questions that you may have.

Step 3: Face + Skin Assessment + Exfoliation + Apply the Local Anaesthetic

A thorough review and assessment of your face and skin is performed.  We ask patients to ensure that their face has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated within 3hrs of this treatment and to arrive at the clinic WITHOUT any makeup / serums / moisturisers or bb-creams.   If you have not thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated the face within 3hrs of the treatment time, then we will need to cleanse and exfoliate your face first.  If Great Directions performs the facial cleanse + exfoliation an additional $30 is payable, if the client does it themselves within 3 hrs of their treatment time then there is no additional charge. 

Step 4: Apply the Local Anaesthetic (optional extra)

Approx 15% of our PRP for the Face patients choose to have a numbing cream applied to their skin prior to the Injections being done.  However,  approx 85% of our clients do the treatments WITHOUT numbing cream being applied.  We can apply the numbing cream for you – however the patient will need to purchase the numbing cream and bring it with them to their appointment.  We recommend “NUMIT” topical local anaesthetic – it is available at the chemist WITHOUT a script.  However – numbing cream is an OPTIONAL component. 

Step 5: Extract a small sample of blood

We will then extract a small amount of blood from your arm (like a routine blood test)  Our staff are extensively experienced at blood/pathology collection.  Once the blood is collected, it is placed into a centrifuge, this will separate the red and white cells from the platelets and the plasma.  The yellow liquid that is produced is separated from the Platelet Poor Plasma and the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Step 6: Creating a Controlled Injury

If a numbing cream or topical local anaesthetic cream was applied then we will remove it prior to commencing the treatment.   Using a single use skin needling device, we start to create a controlled injury to the treatment area.  By doing this step, the body will send platelets to the area to repair the injury caused by the skin needling device.   We do not reuse our skin needling devices, 100% of the needles are single use and disposed of after use every time. Your PRP will be used at the same time across the entire treatment area.  Depending on the condition of your skin, and your goals, the depth of the microneedling will be altered repeatedly as we continue to treat each section of your face.  In instances of severe scarring, deep wrinkles, significant deterioration of the face/skin = we may use our meso-injection device to provide a more “traditional injection” after completing the micro needling.

Step 7: Applying our Lock In Gel

The PRP has been administered and we need to ensure the PRP remains in the treatment area,  to do this, we apply an exclusive gel facial mask.  It helps to assist with healing the treatment area following the injections, whilst also “locking in” the PRP that we just delivered.

Step 8: LED Light Therapy Session (optional extra  – but SIMPLY AMAZING!)

Adding a 20min LED Light Therapy Session is optional = but you are CRAZY if you don’t include it with every PRP for the face treatment.  Using patented technology our LED Light Therapy Machine assists by reducing post-treatment redness SIGNIFICANTLY (some patients experience a 90% reduction in redness IMMEDIATELY!).  It also helps to further promote collagen production and speed up the post treatment recovery time noticeably.    A post-prp recovery session costs an additional $100 and requires a further 30mins.

Total Time: 45mins (or 75mins if LED is included)

PRP for the face

prp-for-hair-loss-blood-collection-picprp-for-hair-loss-exampleprp for the face

PRP for the Face Prices & Packages

1 x PRP Treatment
Pay As You Go
Was:  $499
Now:  $399 + Get 1 Free

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4 x PRP Treatments

Was:  $399 each
Now:  $249 each

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3mth “All Inclusive” Package
3 x PRP Treatments
+ 3 x LED Treatments
+ 3mths of Facial Cleanser
+ 3mths of Exfoliant
+ 3mths of our Aloe Vera Facial Mask
+ 3mths of Rejuvenating Moisturiser
+ 3mths of Facial Serum.
Was:  $1675
Now:  $1120

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About Our PRP for Face 
100% Money Back Guarantee*
Conditions Apply


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PRP for the Face Prices & Packages

Do we offer a Money Back Guarantee with our PRP for the Face Treatments?
  Yes!  We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to all PRP for Face Patients.  Conditions do apply:  Learn More

Treatment Timings:
To begin with, we recommend:
    3 x Initial PRP Treatments (4-6 weeks apart)

Why are our prices so low compared to other clinics?
   At Great Directions, we ONLY perform PRP treatments.
   Since 2012, we have consistently performed 100-140 PRP treatments per week.
  This enables us to benefit from being able to maximise discounts from our suppliers.
  This means we are able to offer GUARANTEED* PRP treatments at affordable prices (Full Details on the guarantee are available by Clicking Here)

prp face treatment great directions vampire facial