PRP for Face Treatments by Great Directions

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PRP for Face Treatments by Great Directions

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About this video:

This video was recorded in 2015 and provides information about PRP for Face Treatments at Great Directions Australia.  

About our PRP for Face Treatments:

PRP Face and PRP Skin Treatments can help with:
 ANTI – AGING by promoting the production of collagen & increasing the elasticity of your skin

 REDUCE HYPER PIGMENTATION even out discolouration by promoting the health of your face & skin
• ACNE accelerate the speed your skin heals AFTER an acne break out.  
• WRINKLES  reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles by boosting collagen levels
HYDRATE  your skin at a cellular level
 SCARRING can be reduced by using PRP and Skin Needling Treatments
 IMPROVE the elasticity of the skin
• REDUCE the size of large skin pores


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