Real PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions Review #1

PRP for Hair Loss Reviews Great Directions

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Who created this patient’s PRP for Hair Loss Treatment Plan?

Scott Moore originally consulted with this male hair loss patient in 2012.  The time in between the before and after photo (shown above) = 19 months.

This patient first met with Scott Moore and the client was determined that he wanted to have a hair transplant procedure.  However, Scott was not convinced that the patient had slowed down and stabilised his thinning/shedding from getting any worse BEFORE receiving a hair transplant procedure.   Great Directions Reviews

Scott created a treatment plan that incorporated PRP for Hair Loss treatments to ensure the patient’s CROWN area did rapidly get worse.  this was achieved within 7 months of commencing the preventative hair loss plan that Scott created, and therefore Scott and the patient were able to plan the restoration of the patient’s frontal hair line with a hair transplant procedure.  The patient received ~3500 grafts (~7000 hairs) to his frontal hair line area only.  No hair transplant grafts were surgically implanted outside of the area’s labelled in the image above.

Great Directions Reviews PRP for Hair Loss