PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions Reviews #4

PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions Review #4

This is Scott Moore’s own personal Before and After Review:

The photo above shows Scott Moore in:
1st Photo = November 2012
2nd Photo = November 2014
3rd Photo = August 2015

Important Information:  The reason the hair colour is different is because Scott has grey hair and the 1st Photo Shows him without a hair colour in his hair.  In the subsequent photos he has coloured his hair using Just for Men Medium Brown 2-3 days prior to the photo being taken.

From November 2012 to November 2014 Scott’s hair is SHORTER in the after shot and the crown’s coverage has improved a lot.

From November 2014 to August 2015 Scott received a total of 6 x PRP for Hair Regrowth Treatments from the nurses at Great Directions Australia.   

What hair loss treatments did Scott Moore use?

  • Hair Transplant: No!
  • Finasteride (daily for min 9mths): No! 
  • Minoxidil (daily for min 4mths): No!
  • Hair Growth Lasers:  No!
  • PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions:  Yes!

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