PRP for Hair Loss Review November 2016

A PRP for Hair Loss Review for Great Directions Australia

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At Great Directions, we are proud to be the 1st Australian Hair Regrowth Clinic to have performed more than 10,000 PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.  Below is an email that was sent to Great Directions from a Melbourne PRP for Hair Loss Patient. We love receiving emails such as this PRP for Hair Loss Review for Great Directions Australia.

I would like to send you this testimonial that I have written for you to use on your PRP for Hair Loss website please.

Hello,  My name is Ahmad and I am a happy PRP patient at Great Directions.   I started to lose my hair about 6 years ago when I was 23 years of age.  I was convinced that stress was the cause of my hair loss and it wasn’t until I consulted with Scott Moore did I realise that my hair loss was caused by my genetics and my stress levels were making things worse. Previous to consulting with Scott, I had consulted to a dermatologist, Ashley and Martin and 2 other hair loss clinics, none of them explained it as well as Great Directions did.  It makes me sad to think that I have spent nearly $8-10,000 treating my hair loss.  I have been with Great Directions for nearly 12 months and the improvement has been significantly better than all of the other hair loss treatments such as finasteride, minoxidil and laser treatments.  

When I first started the treatments, I was worried that the improvements were not happening as fast as I had hoped for and the Great Directions nurses kept reassuring me and reminding me of the things I can be doing at home to speed up the improvements.  What I like the most about Great Directions is their recommendations are easy to understand and are basic common sense.  I strongly recommend you consider PRP injections with Great Directions if you are experiencing hair loss.  

Ahmad (Surname Suppressed)



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More Information About PRP for Hair Loss Treatments

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