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43% of our new patients were referred to Great Directions from an existing patient!

That is because the existing patient FOLLOWED our recommendations and was experiencing results from our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments they felt happy to refer us to their family and friends!

Word of mouth advertising is crucial for ALL businesses.  That is why we are extremely thankful when an existing patient refers their family and friends to Great Directions for our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.  These patients have experienced for themselves the benefits that our PRP for Hair Loss treatments can do for their hair loss.  These patients that have achieved GREAT RESULTS from our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments all have 1 thing in common:  They follow our recommendations!  The recommendations can vary from person to person, however, our recommendations will incorporate;

1.  Diet & Nutrition:  Your hair follicles rely on the nutrients from the food and drinks that you consume = to create and grow your hair.  Our nutritional recommendations are really easy to follow, and involve consuming 3 x Pieces of Fruit + 5 Servings of Vegetable + approx 2 L of Clean Fresh Water per day.  The easiest way to achieve this is to have our “Recipe for Success” smoothie (recipe found here – click here). PRP for Hair Loss Reviews

2.  Hair & Scalp Care:  Thoroughly washing your hair and scalp on a daily basis with a QUALITY shampoo and conditioner is vital.  Every day, your body releases oils and sweat that can result in your pores becoming clogged and restricting your hair growth and creating scalp health issues (eg dandruff).  Using a quality and professional shampoo and conditioner EVERY night before going to bed will ensure that when you receive your PRP treatments, the PRPs effect will be noticeably improved. (Click here for more info on Hair & Scalp Care)

3.  DHT Levels:  DHT stands for Di-Hydro-Testosterone, it is formed when testosterone joins with an enzyme.  DHT causes hair follicles to shrink causes the hair follicles to receive less blood supply.  PRP treatments directly inject concentrated nutrients from a patient’s own blood supply, therefore reducing the effect DHT has on your hair follicles.  There are many methods available to lower DHT levels (click here for a blog that explains all of them).  However, the best approach is to maintain your cholesterol levels (LDL = bad cholesterol) under 2.  (click here for a blog that explains the link between cholesterol, DHT and your hair loss) PRP for Hair Loss Reviews

4.  Maintain Consistent PRP Treatment Timings:  Patients who follow all of our recommendations (Nutrition, Scalp Care + Maintaining Low DHT Levels), are able to do LESS often PRP treatments as compared with those patients who do NOT follow and maintain our recommendations.  Therefore, if a patient does not follow our Pre-PRP Treatment nutritional recommendations, it means that the quality of that persons PRP can be expected to be LOWER.  Therefore, that patient with LOWER quality PRP will need to space their treatments CLOSER together compared with those patients who do prepare themselves properly for each treatment.   (Click here to learn more about treatment timings)

Patient’s that follow all of our recommendations for 12 continuous months are eligible for our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

However, if you do not follow our recommendations, we expect you to experience vary degrees of improvement, however are are unable to offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  This is because, PRP is made from your blood supply.  Patients who do not prepare themselves properly for each treatment will be reducing the quality of their blood = resulting in a weaker PRP being prepared. PRP for Hair Loss Reviews

For example, the patients in the before and after photos shown below, all followed our simple and easy recommendations.  Therefore, through maintaining and continuing their PRP treatments = they continued to experience benefits and improvements.  It is important to remember that hair grows slowly, and it will take time to start to experience thicker hair growth.  (click here to read a blog about when to expect results)

Do you wish you could “START AGAIN” and do a fresh 12 months of PRP and this time “FOLLOW” our recommendations so that you experience better results? 

Introducing our NEW PRP 12 Month All Inclusive Package

This package includes:

  • 12 Months of PRP Treatments: All of the required PRP treatments that you will require over a 12 consecutive months


  • If you require monthly or even fortnightly PRP = INCLUDED
  • If you require an additional vial = INCLUDED
  • If you plan to get a transplant and need some additional PRP treatments leading up to the transplant or after the transplant procedure = INCLUDED
  • If you are planning on going on an extended holiday (3-6mths) and need to do fortnightly treatments for 2-3 months leading up to your holiday, to ensure you are covered whilst you go away = INCLUDED PRP for Hair Loss Reviews

Total Value:            $4385
Package Price:      $2990
Limited Time Price:  $1990*

* The existing client price is only valid until 15th October 2017
* If you have available credits with us, you can use these to reduce the price of this package.

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