PRP for Hair Loss Treatment Timings

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PRP for Hair Loss Treatment Timings

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There are 2 schools of thought when considering PRP for Hair Loss Treatment Timings;
 Receive fewer PRP treatments using LARGE quantities of PRP – in-frequently, OR
 Receive more PRP treatments using SMALLER quantities of PRP – however more frequent treatments.

The human body PREFERS to receive most things following approach #2 – Smaller Quantities – Frequently.  For example:

    • Water – sip it – don’t skull it
    • Food – eat smaller diets frequently VS large diet at once – infrequently
    • Medications – consume small volumes – frequently
    • Treatments – regular and consistent treatments are recommended  – not large mega treatment sessions (eg Physio or Rehab based work)

That is why at Great Directions our approach to PRP for Hair Loss Treatment Timings adopt the Less Volume + More Frequent Treatments.  This keeps stress, trauma & the need for injectables such as local anaesthetic from being needed.   Therefore, the PRP approach followed by Great Directions adopts a reduced drug and chemical intervention for PRP Treatments.

At Great Directions, we recommend the below PRP for hair loss treatment timings:

    • Booster Treatments (~4 treatments spaced 1-4 weeks apart)
    • Then, you have the choice to either
       MAINTAIN + PREVENT further hair loss and thinning = 1 x treatment every 3-6 months.
       ENHANCE + REGROW thicker and fuller hair AS WELL AS Maintain + Prevent Further Hair Loss = 1 x Treatment every 1-3 months.

It is important for patients to follow our Pre-Treatment Recommendations prior to every PRP treatment.   PRP is made 100% from your own blood supply, therefore the food that you eat and the liquids that you drink can alter the nutrient levels with your blood supply.   Following our Pre-Treatment Diet Recommendations can enhance the effectiveness of each treatment significantly.  Click Here to view our Pre-Treatment Recommendations

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More Information About PRP for Hair Loss Treatments

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