PRP for Hair Loss Video

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PRP for Hair Loss Video

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Learn about the Pros and Cons of PRP with this PRP for Hair Loss Video:

This PRP for Hair Loss video is presented by Scott Moore from Great Directions Australia.  

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About Scott Moore and Great Directions Australia

• Scott Moore founded Great Directions Australia in 2012.
• Great Directions Australia has performed over 16000 PRP for Hair Loss Treatments and is the first clinic in Australia to complete this many PRP Hair Regrowth Treatments.
• Scott Moore has consulted to over 9,000 clients and is renowned for his clear and concise approach.
Prior to opening Great Directions, Scott Moore previously worked with and learnt from 6 x hair transplant surgeons, combined these surgeons have completed more than 15,000 hair transplant procedures.
• Scott Moore was employed as the National Hair Transplant Consultant at the National Hair Institute from 2011-2012 and he was promoted to the General Manager of Dr Hair and the National Hair Institute from 2012 to 2014.

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• This PRP for Hair Loss video does not replace a personalised and consultative hair loss assessment.
• Click the button below to request a consultation with Scott Moore and the medical team at Great Directions.