Pre-Treatment Dietary Recommendations

Pre-Treatment Dietary Recommendations

Are you relying on PRP for Hair Loss Treatments to improve the health and quality of your hair?

Are you already receiving PRP for Hair Loss Treatments and you are wanting to experience BETTER results in LESS time?

If you answered “YES” to the above two questions, then these PRP for Hair Loss Hints & Tips will help you!

Take a look at the results I, (Scott Moore founder of Great Directions) have been able to achieve by incorporating these dietary recommendations over the last 9 months!  My PRP for Hair Loss Treatments are not required as often and the same applies to my PRP for the Face/Skin treatments.


Left vs Center Photo = 2 years of PRP & not following the dietary suggestions.

Center vs Right Photo = 9 months of PRP & following the dietary suggestions.

Diet & Nutrition

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.  PRP is made 100% from your own blood supply.  Your blood is made up of

  • RED BLOOD CELLS (carry oxygen)
  • WHITE BLOOD CELLS (fights diseases and infection)
  • PLATELETS (repairs damage and injuries)
  • PLASMA (contains water and nutrients including vitamins, minerals and proteins)

What you eat, drink or inhale ends up in the blood stream via the digestion process or via your lungs.  What ever enters the blood stream will sit within the PLASMA component of the blood.   And PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, meaning what ever you eat, drink or inhale prior to your PRP treatment will end up in your PRP!  Therefore, if you were to eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables (pesticide free and ideally organic) then your plasma is going to be NUTRIENT RICH.  This is because the body is able to digest and process these foods EASILY.  A good way of thinking about it, is if humans have added anything to the production line, then we recommend avoiding it for at least 1-3 days prior to your PRP treatment.  Please review the below recommendations regarding diet and nutrition leading up to your PRP treatment.

About PRP for hair loss and the liver hair loss


Below are the nutritional requirements we ask patients to follow in order to ensure their PRP is nutritionally STRONG.  If you do follow these recommendations, you will be able to spread your PRP treatments further apart and you will experience improvements FASTER – compared with people who do not follow these recommendations.

  • A Minimum of 2 x Pieces of Fruit per day.  Ideally Fresh Fruit or Snapped Frozen Fruit (eg Frozen Berries).  It would be ideal if the fruit was organic and pesticide free.
  • A Minimum of 3 x Servings of Vegetables per day.  Ideally Fresh Vegetables or Snapped Frozen Vegetables (avoid vegetables that have been partially cooked, because part of the nutritional value is lost in the cooking process)
  • A Minimum of 1L of Fresh Clean Water per 30kg of Body Weight per day.  I also recommend adding a sqeeze of fresh lime or lemon juice to the water to assist with balacing the bodies PH levels. This also will add vitamin C to the water.  Vitamin C is so important for the production of collagen which is essential for your scalp (skin) and therefore will benefit your hair follicles.

Following the above recommendations will significantly improve the QUALITY of your PRP and therefore you will experience improvements to the health of your hair following each PRP for Hair Loss Treatment FASTER.


Things to Avoid!

Below are examples of things that we recommend you avoid consuming at least 24 hrs prior to your treatment (ideally for 3+ days prior to your PRP treatment).

If you do not follow these recommendations, you will require MORE PRP treatments to achieve your desired results, because your PRP will be nutritionally weak.

  • Avoid Bread, Pastry, Pasta, all forms of Noodles, white rice and most breakfast cereals.    All of these products have been processed, preservatives have been added and your body needs to work EXTRA hard to extract the nutrition from these foods.  Instead of these substitute them for Oats, Unprocessed seeds and grains, Potatoes or ideally Sweet Potatoes because they contain more vitamin C than normal potatoes.
  • Avoid cooking with oil or butter.  Instead using a small amount of vegetable stock or chicken stock can be used.
  • Avoid foods such as curries, oily stir fries, foods with any type of added cream or fat.
  • Avoid canned foods entirely.
  • Avoid foods with added sugar, preservatives, salt or hormones.
  • Avoid meat and animal products that are not farmed without the use of added hormones, antibiotics or free range.
  • Avoid Caffeine Products – this includes tea, coffee, chocolate, icecream, soft drink such as Coke, Pepsi and even Mountain Dew contains caffeine.   Also avoid Gym Pre-work outs and also Protein Powders for “fat burning” or “thermogen” styled powders often contain caffeine.  Substitute them for Green Tea Extract and Acetyl L Carnitine to overcome any caffeine withdrawl symptoms.
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Avoid Smoking anything!
  • Instead of drinking FRESH juices – consume the entire piece of fruit by using a strong blender or processor (like the nutribullet or similar styled device).  This allows you to receive essential fibre that will help cleanse the body of unwanted toxins and waste – allowing your body to function more efficiently.

Following the above recommendations will significantly improve the QUALITY of your PRP and therefore it can assist in improving the speed it takes to experience improvements to the health of your hair following each PRP for Hair Loss Treatment.

Treatments Timings:

We would like to remind you of the recommended treatment timings (ASSUMING YOU FOLLOW THE DIET RECOMMENDATIONS ABOVE!):

Booster Treatments

►    4 x Initial PRP Treatments (1-4 weeks apart)

Then, you can choose from;

►    Prevent + Maintain: PRP treatments every 2-4 months

►    Regrow + Thicken:  PRP treatments every 1-2 months

treatment timings

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