PRP for Hair Loss Review October 2016

A PRP for Hair Loss Review for Great Directions Australia

At Great Directions, we love receiving emails such as this PRP for Hair Loss Review for Great Directions Australia.

“Dearest Scott and Nursing Team,

I have been experiencing thinning and hair loss for close to 10 years, and I am a 61 year old female.  I have been to dermatologists, endocrinologists, trichologists, naturopaths and my normal GP.   I estimate that I have spent over $10,000 so far in trying to improve my hair.   I have been coming to Great Directions for 2 years now, and I have been following all of your recommendations.   No other hair loss treatment has achieved for me the results that your PRP injections have done for me.  I am very happy to have found Great Directions. 

My sister is getting PRP from another clinic, and they are not advising her on pre treatment preparations or hair and scalp care,  in the way you have helped me with my hair loss.  My sister spent $4000 at the other PRP clinic for 1 year.  I have spent $2400 for 2 full years of treatment and my results are significantly better than my sister’s results. 

I have been following your nutritional suggestions as well. My GP was amazed at how much my blood test results had improved.  My thyroid, liver, vitamins, iron and hormone profile had all seen improvements.  The GP was shocked when I told him I had been following your nutritional plan.  I have also lost 11kg over the last 6 months as well. 

To answer your question about the photos, I would prefer to not release the images, but you can release this letter if you like to other females who are experiencing hair loss and thinning.

Thanks for being open, honest and upfront about what I should and shouldn’t expect. 

Mary (Surname Suppressed)”

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