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PRP for Hair Loss Treatment Great Directions Hair Regrowth Clinic hair regrowth guarantee

About our PRP Hair Regrowth Guarantee

As the 1st Australian Hair Loss + Hair Regrowth Clinic to successfully complete 17,000+ PRP for Hair Regrowth treatments, we have been able to enhance and fine-tune our PRP treatments to ensure they are successful. Therefore, we are proud to offer a  100% Money Back PRP Hair Regrowth Guarantee.  Conditions do apply and are viewable below.

Overview:  About our PRP Hair Regrowth Guarantee:

If after receiving  PRP for Hair Loss treatments with us (as per all of our recommendations for 12 continuous months), and patients do NOT experience ANY of the below benefits, then patients are entitled to request a 100% refund the money paid to us for PRP for Hair Loss Treatments. 

Benefits: When we say “benefits” we are referring to the below:

• PREVENT & slow down the rate of hair loss, thinning, hair shedding & hair fall.
 REGROW thinning hair thicker, fuller and healthier without relying on daily drugs or daily chemicals.
the health & condition of the scalp naturally without harsh chemicals or drugs (eg oily or dry scalp conditions)

• ACTIVATE the regrowth of dormant hair follicles by encouraging the growth phase of your hair (anagen phase)
 REDUCE the requirement to take daily tablets & drugs to treat your hair loss.

Eligibilty: How to ensure you remain eligible for the guarantee: 

To be eligible for our PRP Hair Regrowth Guarantee, patients must:
Receive our PRP treatments and follow all of our recommendations for 12 continuous months.
“recommendations” means the patient must follow “all” of our instructions and recommendations which include:  Treatment Timings, Pre + Post Treatment Instructions, Hair + Scalp Care Instructions, Nutritional Instructions.  
disclose to us any medical condition as this may alter our recommendations and instructions depending on the condition the patient has been diagnosed with.
disclose to us if they intend to start/end/alter the consumption or usage of any hair loss treatment including but not limited to finasteride/dutasteride, saw palmetto, minoxidil/loniten, LLLT, skin needling, hair transplantation, scalp micropigmentation etc.
if directed by us to seek a full blood test – the patient must comply with this instruction and supply the results of the test before the commencement of their next PRP treatment.

Treatment Timings:

►    4 x Initial PRP Treatments (1-4 weeks apart)

►    Prevent + Maintain: PRP treatments every 2-4 months

►    Regrow + Thicken:  PRP treatments every 1-2 months


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