More reasons to trust Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Clinics

More Reasons to Trust Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Clinics!

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Reason #6: All Before + Afters Photos = 100% Great Directions Patients! 

 100% of the Before and After Photos shown in our Before and After Gallery were performed exclusively at either our Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Melbourne clinic or our Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Sydney clinic – Click Here For Address and Contact Details.
 Since 2015, we have only allowed FULL FACE photos to be used in our Patient Before and After Gallery.  That way prospective patients can be sure that the before and after photos are of the same person.
• No photo editting has been performed on any of the photos shown in our PRP for Hair Loss Photo Gallery or our PRP for Face/Skin Photo Gallery. Click Here to view the Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Before and After Gallery.

Reason #7: When viewing other clinics websites – makes sure they are using photos of their patients!

Make sure the photos you are viewing from another PRP clinics websites are photos of treatments THEY have treated.  For example, a PRP clinic in Sydney claimed a patient received amazing regrowth from only 2 x treatments from that clinic, what they failed to mention was that the patient had just finished receiving 6mths of treatment with Great Directions, and the only reason the client did not continue with us was he had moved house and it would be a 2hr drive each way if he continued, hence he looked out for a clinic closer to him.   
• In 2015
, we identified 14 clinics who were using the before and afters of our Patients to promote PRP treatments on their advertising material (important fact = the patients had NEVER received a treatment from the offending clinic NOR had they given their permission for their photos to be used on these clinic’s websites.)

• In 2016, we identified 41 clinics who had started to use our images as well, yet the patients confirmed they had not received ANY PRP treatments from that clinic NOR had they given their permission for their photos to be used on these clinic’s websites.)

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More Reasons – Click Here

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