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This page is dedicated to a smoothie that is named the

Recipe for Success Breakfast Smoothie

It is common knowledge that breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day.  But do you know why?  Here are some of the reasons why Breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

  1. Nutrient Absorption:  The food that you eat for breakfast is more likely to absorbed better into your blood as compared with food eaten for lunch or dinner.   This is because in the mornings, your stomach and small intestines are empty.  Therefore the things that you eat on an empty stomach is able to be digested easier and faster.  
  2. Mindset:  If you have an unhealthy breakfast including processed carbohydrates (cereals or breads), added sugar, milk, fried eggs or sausages or bacon = you wouldn’t expect to be physically able to perform at your peak.  The same process applies to your brain and your mindset.  Because breakfast is absorbed faster than other meals throughout the day, if you have a breakfast full of processed foods, your attention to detail and focus can NOT be expected to perform at its peak. 
  3. Physical Performance:  If you were planning to run a marathon, in the lead up to the event, you would plan nutrient rich foods to fuel your training for the marathon.   Although you may not run a marathon every day, your body still needs a careful balance of nutrient rich foods to ACTIVATE or KICK START the body so that you can perform at your physical peak throughout the day.  

This is why consuming more fruit and vegetables, protein, unprocessed form of carboyhydrates plus numerous vitamins and minerals = is the best way of ensuring you are fuelling your body and mind for the upcoming challenges that the day may through at you.

If you compared eating 1 x piece of fruit in the MORNING vs the EVENING, the body will absorb MORE of the nutrients if it is eaten in the MORNING vs eating the same piece of fruit in the EVENING.

Eating the below “Recipe for Success” every morning for breakfast for at least 2 days prior to your PRP treatment will noticeably enhance the results from your PRP treatments. (Ideally every morning for 7 days prior would be ideal!)


  • 1 x Large Banana
  • 1 x Cup of Mixed Berries (Frozen is acceptable)
  • 1 x Cup of Mango or any Citrus Fruit (Frozen is acceptable)
  • 3 x Cups of Kale or Spinach (Frozen is acceptable)
  • 1 x scoop of a hydrolysed protein (vanilla flavour is best)
  • ¼ to a ½ of a cup of rolled oats
  • 1 x serving of Spirulina Powder
  • 1 x serving of Lysine Amino Acids
  • 1 x serving of Acetyl L Carnitine
  • Fill with water
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Additional Hints + Tips

+ Using frozen mixed berries + mango from Coles/Woolworths or your favourite supermarket will make the smoothie taste like there is ice-cream in the ingredients when there is not.

+ It should be consumed as the 1st meal of the day!   The food and drinks that we consume at the beginning of the day are absorbed FASTER by our body – AS COMPARED WITH – the food and drink that we consume after we have eaten breakfast.

+ Eating the fruits/veg as a smoothie, means that the NUTRIENTS are pre-broken down by the blender/food processor and therefore your body will absorb more of the nutrients within the meal as opposed to simply eating the exact same foods.

+ It is important that you use a protein that has been HYDROLYSED. When you eat ANY form of protein, before the body can absorb it, it needs to be HYDROLYSED.  Consuming protein that is NOT hydrolysed, can result less than 30% absorption rate, the remaining 70% is then passed out when you go to the toilet.  

+When you consume a clean protein source that has been pre-hydrolysed, your body can absorb up to 85% of the protein that you consume.  That is a significant boost to your body’s protein levels – which is essential for hair growth. have a fantastic Hydrolysed Protein (Vanilla is the best flavour!)

+ Lysine is a very important amino acid, it has been shown to help lower DHT levels – and enhancing the results from any other DHT blockers (eg. Saw Palmetto – the herbal non-drug related option to finasteride). It also has positive effects on collagen levels throughout the body. offer this supplement at an affordable price!

+ Acetyl L-Carnitine is another amino acid that helps to reduce cravings from coffee by improving how effectively signals within the brain are transmitted. Acetyl-L-Carnitine has been shown in clinical studies to benefit cognitive ability, memory and mood, boost the speed of hair growth as well as to balance and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. offer this supplement at an affordable price!

+ Spirulina is commonly referred to as the best super food, this is because of its nutritional profile. Spirulina is sourced from a type of sea-weed / blue-green algae.   Unlike most supplements that are chemical compounds that act SIMILAR to nutrients found in the natural foods that we eat, Spirulina is NATURALLY rich in nutrients that help to promote hair growth and to prevent genetic hair loss. It’s an excellent source of both iron and copper as well as beta carotene, vitamin B, C + E. offer a great spirulina powder that is natural and has a lot of positive reviews!

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