Registered Nurse Injecting Job Opportunity in Sydney

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Registered Nurse Injecting Job Opportunity in Sydney

About The Company:

  • Our company is known as Great Directions
  • Our company has been offering Hair Restoration + Skin Rejuvenation treatments since 2012.
  • We have 2 clinic locations – Petersham (Sydney NSW) and Melbourne (Victoria).
  • This job advert is for our Petersham (Sydney NSW) clinic.
  • We are proud to be the first Australian Clinic to have safely performed over 18,000 PRP for Hair Loss and PRP for the Face/Skin Treatments.
  • More about us can be found by clicking here.

What we do:

  • Since 2012, Great Directions has only every offered 2 x treatments.
  • We are proud to be the first Australian clinic to have completed more than 18,000 PRP treatments.

About the job:

  • At the beginning of each day, you will have a meeting with the branch coordinator to discuss todays upcoming treatment calendar.
    • You will then be provided with some time to setup your treatment trolleys based on your schedule for that day.
    • Once the first client arrives, you will ensure you have read their treatment notes prior to meeting with them in reception.
    • Meet with the patient and in the treatment room, commence a consultation to discuss their treatment history, any changes to their circumstances since their last visit AND confirm that they have correctly prepared themselves for today’s treatment.
    • Safely extract the required 15-30mL of blood from the patient (blood collection / venepuncture experience essential).
    • Place the collected blood into the centrifuge (training will be provided)
    • Inspect and prepare the treatment area ensuring it is correctly and safely prepared for the injections.
    • Once the centrifuge is finished, carefully extract the PRP (training provided)
    • Using a Meso-Gun Injector, safely and accurately inject the PRP across either the patients scalp (for hair regrowth) or the patient’s face (skin rejuvenation).
    • Place a special post-treatment gel onto the treatment area and allow it to set.
    • Record detailed treatment notes / observations in our ONLINE Patient Management System + read back the exact notes that you have recorded to the patient so that they know we keep accurate records in case a different nurse was to treat them next time (although changing nurses each time a patient comes in for a treatment this is avoided where possible)
    • Make recommendations to the client (training provided) and ensure the recommendations are also recorded in the online patient management system.
    • Thoroughly clean the clinical room (training provided) and prepare for the next treatment.
  • Each treatment takes 30-45mins
  • On average you will do between 7-10 treatments per day.
  • All of our patients are marvelous and we enjoy building strong professional relationships with them – because they will generally receive a treatment from us every 2-3 months.
  • It is expected that you should already be confident at collecting blood using a butterfly winged tip needle (without supervision).
  • Full training is provided – however a passion for helping patients to achieve the best out of life is vital!


  • This is a full time position.
  • You could be rostered on to work any 5 shifts a week from any of the below days/times:
    • Monday to Friday: 12pm up to 9pm —- most commonly your shift will be Monday to Friday from 12:30pm to 9pm.
    • Saturday: 9am up to 5pm. However occasional Saturdays may be required, and if so, you will be rostered off on the Monday.
  • We provide a 6 week roster at all times – because this is how busy we are!

The team:

  • You will be the primary treatment practitioner for our Petersham clinic once you have been fully trained up.
  • Also at the clinic will be a Branch Coordinator + 2-3 Part-time or Casual Registered Nurses.
  • The owner/founder (your trainer) will be based at the Petersham clinic most days, however once you are trained, it will be expected that you become the lead treatment provider for our Petersham clinic – this will free up the business owner to plan the opening of NEW clinics throughout Sydney and the rest of Australia.


  • Salary Offering: from $60,000 to $80,000 per annum + 4 weeks annual leave + 2 weeks sick/personal leave + Monthly Commissions ($500-2000 per month) + Superannuation
  • Or you can be a Contractor and be paid per completed treatment (payment cycle = fortnightly in arrears) = $50-70 per completed treatment = you still get paid for no-shows too! As a guide we are solidly booked out with PRE-PURCHASED treatments for the next 4 weeks, and we average 8-12 treatments per day, therefore as a contractor you can earn $400-720 per day as a contractor.  But remember, a contractor is required to provide their own insurance, super, pay their own taxes etc = whereas an employee does not.

Important Points:

  • Unfortunately only applicants who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents will be considered for this position. Sorry, but applicants who require sponsoring should not apply for this position.
  • Please ensure you have read the links above about our PRP treatments (because after training, this will be the treatment you will be performing on our patients 8-12 times a shift).
  • Please ensure you understand the shift times stated above are non-negotiable.
  • This is an ASAP start position, however we are determined to find the best candidate at the same time.

How to apply:

To apply, please submit the following via the form below.  Please ensure you are creating a CUSTOMISED cover letter that addresses all of the elements included within this job post.  Please ensure you are also indicating whether you have a preference between our contracting or employment based model as well.

All applications will be reviewed ASAP – most commonly within 1-2 days.  The next stage is a telephone interview followed by a face-to-face interview.