Scott Moore from Great Directions Customer Review #3

Scott Moore from Great Directions receives ANOTHER customer review!

The below customer testimonial was received on the 2nd July 2015!

“My name is Paul (surname suppressed), please find below some facts about my experiences with Scott Moore at Great Directions their PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.

  1. I have received nine (9) PRP for Hair Loss Treatments from Scott Moore at Great Directions from June 2014 to July 2015.
  2. I purchased the seven (7) PRP for Hair Loss Treatments for $2,390.00 from Dr Hair and the National Hair Institute in Middle Park Victoria.
  3. On the 14th July 2014, Scott Moore personally telephoned me to inform me that Dr Barry White the Director of the National Hair Institute, had closed down the business with less than 24hrs notice and then departed on plane overseas.  
  4. Scott informed me that he intends to continue to honour the treatments that I had purchased with the National Hair Institute.  He asked for some time to allow him to source new treatment rooms.  
  5. Scott kept his word and fulfilled the PRP for Hair Loss Treatments that I purchased from the National Hair Institute on the 4th June 2014.  
  6. I had assumed that Dr White and the NHI had paid Great Directions to complete the treatments the NHI was paid to perform, yet were completed by Scott Moore and his team at Great Directions.
  7. Scott informs me that as at the 2nd July 2015, approximately 2100 PRP for Hair Loss treatments were provided by Great Directions yet Great Directions had received no payment from Dr Hair and the National Hair Institute from when the business was closed.
  8. I have found three websites alleging that Scott Moore is responsible for the behaviour of the Directors and Shareholders of the National Hair Institute, and that Scott had “run away” with peoples money.   Based on my experiences, and the experiences of three friends who also were impacted by the National Hair Institute closure, these blog sites are factually not correct.  
  9. Scott Moore has informed me that “Aussie Pride” has also posted over 200 negative posts on Youtube and other social media websites.  
  10. I offer prospective hair loss suffers my statement to provide you reassurances that Scott Moore is someone you can trust.
  11. My hair is healthier than it was before commencing the PRP for hair loss treatments.

The best way to know if Scott Moore’s Great Directions is the right clinic for you is to meet him yourself, and ask him questions.  Like me, you will find that his answers are clear and concise.  

Kind Regards

Paul (Surname Suppressed)”

Paul received his hair loss consultation and assessment with Scott Moore from Great Directions
Paul has received all of his PRP for Hair Loss Treatments from Mark Wilson from Great Directions

Paul wrote the above review in response to finding websites that were created the alias Aussie Pride.  The owner of this alias approached Scott Moore from Great Directions requesting a hair transplant and PRP treatments whilst Scott was employed at the National Hair Institute.  Due to privacy laws, we can not provide or release details that prove the posted content is MISLEADING and FACTUALLY INCORRECT.  We know who the person is, and have SMS and Email messages from the person attempting to extort money from Scott Moore under the threat that this person’s cousin is a web developer and can create “hundreds” of websites which will ruin the name “Scott Moore and Great Directions” .  Unfortunately, unless we are willing to spend $8,000-15,000 in legal costs to force the person to remove the content, we have been advised that there is no way to have the lies and deceit removed.  Guy-Scratching-Head-Banner_FA (1)