Scott Moore’s Official Statement

Scott Moore’s Official Statement: Get the Facts!

Hello,  My name is Scott Moore.  I am the founder of PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions.  

The internet is a marvelous resource.  It has made information and content MORE accessible than ever before.  Unfortunately, you need to be careful when you read information on the internet, because there is no censorship or governing body that ensures the information published is TRUE ACCURATE and CORRECT!.   For example.  There are presently 7 x Blog Websites that talk negatively about me (Scott Moore).  I am writing this open letter so help you to “GET THE FACTS” on the matter.

  1. Below is an example of the content being posted.
  2. All of the websites have been created by the 1 individual
  3. The 1 individual can NOT be named for privacy reasons.
  4. This person sent 7 x text messages + 9 x phone calls + 11 emails extorting money from Great Directions and threatening that he would create websites with the help of his cousin who is a web developer.
  5. I have the written testimony of 3 separate individuals who have witnessed or heard the phone discussions that have been had with this person
  6. I am able to provide evidence that the client is lying in their blog


I will address these claims 1 by 1.

  • On the 11th July 2014, the directors of the National Hair Institute closed the business.  I was a contractor to the National Hair Institute, I was not a director or shareholder at all.   On the 11th July 2014, I telephoned the client at 7:39pm (phone records available), my notes on his file state:
    11/7 – SM – called xxxxxx to advise we can not do his PRP treatment tomorrow. He understood and I reinforced to him that treatment can be 1-4 weeks between the 1st 2 x treatments, then from 1-6 weeks between the 2nd and 3rd treatments.
  • The blog above suggests that the client did NOT receive any PRP treatments.  However the client has received PRP treatments on the 20th June 2014 at 2pm and 27th June 2014 at 10am.
  • 12th June 2014, the client called us asking to purchase 6 x PRP treatments for $1390.26
  • A letter was emailed to the client informing the client that I did not recommend a hair transplant because the clients hair loss was not stable and that he was continuing to lose his hair.
  • The client had a consultation on the 4th June 2014 – the client specifically wanted to do a hair transplant
  • On the 14th July 2014, the client called in and left us a voicemail.  The notes from that day:
    15/07/2014 – Annalyn L – VM left by xxxx yday, unable to listen to the recording called xxxx, getting his vm-left msg, email sent to find out how we can help
  • On the 15th July 2014 the client called in at 10:37am and our receptionist left the notation:Great Directions Australia Online
    15/07/2014 – Annalyn L – xxxxxx called back, wanted to make sure that his treatments will be continued, Informed NHI no longer operating, Dr White has left & building closed down. We have the staff & the equipment, Great Directions is sourcing for a place to continue the PRP treatments and could be in 2 days, to 1wk to 2wks. Informed client we will be in touch once everything is settled.
  • On the 23rd July 2014 the client called in and records confirm the call at 8:58am.  Notes recorded inc
    23/07/14 – PeterF – xxxx called about having his next Treatment, let him know as soon as we have a when and where we will let him know
  • On the 24th July 2014 a call was attempted at 2:01pm.
  • On the 25th July 2014 another call was attempted at 2:11pm.  The notes from the call include:Great Directions Australia Online
    25/07/2014-Annalyn L – Called client to schedule in PRP3, he booked on Tue 29/07/2014 5:00 pm, ran thru pre-ops no questions. EMS following SM’s PRP Appt template showing appt details, address with parking details, pre-ops link and items to remember. Next post ops then schedule PRP4
  • This would become the clients 3rd x PRP treatment.
  • The client did NOT turn up for his 3rd x PRP treatment on the 29th July 2014.  In the email sent to the client on the 25/7 – our cancellation and no-show policy states the treatment credit will be consumed if the client fails to show or is more than 15mins late.
  • A followup call that went to voicemail AND an email was sent to the client by our Registered Nurse
    1/8/14 – MarkW – Called xxxx to follow up his missed PRP 3 on Tuesday 29/7/14. No answer, VM left. Email sent for seth to please call ASAP Hi xxxxx, Mark here from Great Directions, I have tried calling you today and just left a voicemail on your phone I was calling to follow-up an appointment you missed on the 29/7/14 for your 3rd PRP, hoping that you are alright and that we can talk soon to organise your on-going treatment plan. If you could please call back ASAP on 1300 875 277, it would be appreciated Thanks,
  • Another attempt was made by our office to contact the client
    13/08/2014-Annalyn L- EMS requesting best day & time to call to schedule next PRP treatment: Hi xxxx, Annalyn again from Great Directions, I hope all is well! Touching base to see when is the best day and time for us to call to schedule in your next PRP Treatment. Alternatively, you may also call us at 1300875277. Thanks  Best Regards,
  • On the 16th August 2014, the client emailed us back at 12:46PM
    16/08/2014-Annalyn L – EMR from xxxx: Last time I heard from you, you said the doctor stole my money and ran off! I have made a police report and contacted the bank! Sent from my iPhone
  • On the same day at 12:49PM our employee attempted to call the client:
    16/08/2014-Annalyn L -Called xxxx re email received to confirm if he still wishes to continue with the PRP treatment GD is offering as a show of good faith, im getting his vm-left msg to call us back 1300875277
  • The client called the office and left a voicemail because he called outside of office hours
    22/08/2014 – Cristina J – Rcvd a VM from the client saying “I Scott this is xxxxx you stole all my money and I was thinking when are you going to give it back? Call me as soon as possible.” As per notes below, client has done a police report. Endorsed to Peter via email.
  • From the 22nd August 2014 to the 30th August 2014 the client makes 200+ Posts and Negative Reviews about Great Directions
  • On the 29th August, the client sends an SMS to Scott Moore demanding $2000 and threatening to create websites to ruin the name Great Directions.  Scott immediately called him back and spoke with him for 5mins and 11 seconds.  Telephone records confirm this.  I (Scott Moore) reminded the client he can post whatever he likes, as long as it is the truth.  I explained to the client that he:
    —–Paid the NHI
    —–They are closed
    —–My company Great Directions is happy to allow NHI clients to continue their treatments with us at no further costs.  Eg.   The appointment for this client’s 3rd PRP treatment on the 29th July 2014 that the client never turned up for.
    —–The client kept repeating he wanted $2000 for this matter to go away.
    —–I reiterated to the client that if he wants a refund from the NHI, he will need to call the NHI.
    —–I reminded the client that he didn’t spend $2000 either, he only spent $1390 and had already received 50% of the treatments 3 of the 6 treatment vouchers had been used.
  • On the 30th August, the client calls and emails Scott repeatedly.
  • On the 30th August, the client publishes 6 x websites claiming that Scott Moore was a scammer and that Great Directions stole his money etc.
  • On the 30th August, an employee emailed the client saying:

    30/8/14 – MarkW – Copy of Email sent to client, at Sat 30/08/2014 1:02 PM, post verbal discussion with SM and MarkW @ 11:41am 30/8/14 Dear xxxxx, This is our final warning to remove harmful, damaging and misleading comments. Remove this content from all internet forums, which has been posted under while using an alias. At 11:41am, 30/8/14 under the presence of Mark Wilson, you were advised that the information you have publicly posted is untrue, incorrect and misleading. You are causing damage against Scott Moore and his reputation. We will not allow you to publish comments of badwill against the director of Great Directions. Scott Moore was contracted by NHI to work as a consultant, and had no knowledge of the events that took place. Remove your comments and cease and desist any further harmful slander. For an effective treatment process to occur, there needs to be trust and understanding between the client and practitioner. As the leading practitioner, I am not willing to sanction any further involvement by any staff at Great Directions for your care. We are also of the understanding that you have spoken to and lied to Dr Knudson, have openly advised that your mother has been involved with PRP, and have used these untrue comments to cause damages. As per conversation on 11:42 am on 30/8/14 regarding defamation of character and slander posted on a public forum against Scott Moore, Great Directions has requested that all public comments be removed immediatedly and is prepared to pursure legal recompense if its legal rights are not maintained. We rely on the below information to show that your information is incorrect and therefore defamatory. You contacted us on this date. Joelle Yonzon – 6/3/2014 4:28:41 PM – 3/6/2014 Joelle Y. -xxxxxx ci to book in a consult with us. He had questions re transplants we have and I advised him of FUE and FUT. He was interested for a consult so I did an assessment over the phone (info pasted above) and booked him for a phone consult tomorrow 4/6/14 at 5:00 PM. He will be sending in his photos tonight or tomrrow. Sent email to client: Hi xxxx, Joelle here from Dr Hair! It was lovely to have a quick chat earlier. I’ve attached some helpful instructions on how to take a good angle of your head so we can see the areas for concern a lot better! Just reply to this email with the photos before your phone consult tomorrow, 4th of June at 5:00 PM. To give you more idea on the PRP treatment I’ve mentioned earlier–Scott Moore, our General Manager personally recorded himself receiving PRP therapy for his thinning hair and hair loss. View it at this link. I have also flicked you a newsletter with other exclusive packages and more details. If you have any questions before then, you may call us at 1300-875-277. Looking forward to hear from you! You uploaded photos on this date. 1. Joelle Yonzon – 6/3/2014 7:25:30 PM – 3/6/2014 Joelle Y. -xxxx sent in photos today. Uploaded to BOX. Sent a reply to client: Hi xxxx, We’ve received your photos and I’ve updated them in your profile. You’re all set for your phone consult tomorrow at 5:00 PM. Kindly wait for the Consultant’s call at said time. Any questions, let me know via email or give us a ring at 1300-875-277. Have a good night! Best Wishes, Joelle Yonzon You spoke with scott moore on this date, and had a treatment plan sent to you 1. Owner – 6/4/2014 7:19:56 PM – 4/6 – SM – treatment plan sent on the same day as consult (see below) PF to call to followup You were invoiced here: 1. Coordination 4. Patient – 6/5/2014 3:43:02 PM – 04/06/2014 – Annalyn L – Copy of treatment Plan received from SM, $1390 PRP invoice sent to client You decieded to proceed here – 13/6/2014 Joelle Y. -Client said they have paid the invoice yesterday and as per Purchases, the account has been charged. I informed him the Patient Coordinator will call him to book him in for his PRP sessions. Client okay’ed. Assigned to Patient Coordinator log. You paid this much here 12/06/2014 Melb PRP Charge to Account $1,390.00 You booked for PRP 1-3 on these dates: 1. Coordination 4. Patient – 6/14/2014 2:49:23 PM – 14/06/2014 – Annalyn L – Called xxxxx to booked in PRP1-3 as pasted above. Ran pre-ops with him – no questions. EMS with appt dates & times, informed to comein 5-10 minutes early & fee if cancels/resched within 72 hours, clinic address, pre-ops info & consent form. Next: Sched PRP4 You arrived for appoint 1 on this date and performed at the NHI office 1. Parminder Singh – 6/20/2014 3:22:49 PM – 20/6/2014 – PA – xxxxx attended PRP 19.6.14 at 1400hrs Hair washed with hot water + shampoo + conditioner + scalp massage, 5ml xylocaine injected to scalp 20ml blood taken, 10ml prp injected to whole top of scalp. Next action Post Ops You arrived for appoint 2 on this date at the NHI office 1. Parminder Singh – 7/1/2014 12:54:05 PM – 1/7/2014 – PA – xxxxx arrived for his 2nd PRP 27.6.14 @1000hrs 5ml xylocaine injected, 20ml blood taken, 10ml PRP injected to top scalp, focus front + crown next action post ops Appointment 3 was scheduled for this date 1. Owner – 7/11/2014 7:39:01 PM – 11/7 – SM – called xxx to advise we can not do his PRP treatment tomorrow. He understood and I reinforced to him that treatment can be 1-4 weeks between the 1st 2 x treatments, then from 1-6 weeks between the 2nd and 3rd treatments. Reschuled for this date, because NHI closed. “Tue 29/07/2014 5:00 pm (no show)” No show for this appointment 1. Mark Wilson – 7/30/2014 11:39:58 AM – 30/7/14 – MarkW – Did not arrive for appt. please follow up asap re: Tx plan for client Was contacted after missing appointmet at this time. 1. Mark Wilson – 8/1/2014 2:13:11 PM – 1/8/14 – MarkW – Called xxxxx to follow up his missed PRP 3 on Tuesday 29/7/14. No answer, VM left. Email sent for seth to please call ASAP Hi xxxx, Mark here from Great Directions, I have tried calling you today and just left a voicemail on your phone I was calling to follow-up an appointment you missed on the 29/7/14 for your 3rd PRP, hoping that you are alright and that we can talk soon to organise your on-going treatment plan. If you could please call back ASAP on 1300 875 277, it would be appreciated Thanks, Regards, Mark Wilson (R.N.) Great Directions Australia Syd: (02) 9191 0390 Mel: (03) 9988 0888 Reception: 1300 875 277 Email: Web:

  • On the 30th August 2014, the client responded via email with
    30/8/14 – MarkW – Recieved to personal work email Sat 30/08/2014 1:52 PM from xxxxxxx Scott convinced me to pay NHI many times! I blame him 100% and will go as far to make everyone aware of what he did! if he wants me to stop he can refund me! it was his fault I paid! I would have never paid if he hadn’t contacted me constantly and emailing me convincing me to do it!!! he told me NHI is reputable, safe and trustworthy! a trustworthy person doesn’t steal money and run away like a scum!!! Sent from my iPhone
  • On the 30th August 2014, the client went to our Youtube channel and posted the following:
    30/8/14 – MarkW – posted on youtube video: PRP Hair Loss Live Treatment Invitation Sat 30/08/2014 11:52 AM xxxxxx Scott Moore called me and convinced me to go with prp! after paying $2000 he cancelled my appointment and said my partner stole your money and ran away! if you want treatment you have to pay again!
  • On the 30th August 2014 the client posted a total of 41 posts (similar to the above)
  • On the 2nd September 2014, we found more posts:
    02/09/14 – MarkW – Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 at 2:17am CDT by  Title: “ – Scam Hair Transplant Doctor in Australia, Scott Moore, great directions” Content: “Product: Great Directions – Scott Moore Company: Location: SYDNEY, SYDNEY, nsw 2027, AU URL: Category: Health, Beauty Do not believe anything Scott Moore from National Hair Institute and great directions says.He promises the world but never delivers.”
  • On the 3rd of September we emailed the publisher of the complaints and posts.

    03/09/14 – Copy of Email sent Wed 3/09/2014 8:50 PM to ‘’ Dear, To the moderators and management of, I am writing to you regarding an offensive statement currently publically listed on you website. The offending material is found at The below information states multiple breaches in your publicly stated posting guidelines. Complaint Posting Guidelines – for Consumers: • COMPLAINTS SHOULD DESCRIBE AN ACTUAL, FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE OF A CONSUMER. • The uploaded has not described an experience, he has slandered a personal statement that states “not to believe anything” and “he promises the world and never delivers” • This complaint was made by an individual who paid a different company “National Hair Institute”, “Great Directions” has never accepted any payments or rendered any service to this individual. • Great Directions did offer to provide additional free service to the individual, but the individual refused to attend the treatment. • COMPLAINTS SHOULD BE WRITTEN BY THE CONSUMER THAT HAD THE EXPERIENCE. • This complaint was uploaded by “Aussie p.” • This is not a stated individual, and there is no client by the name of “Aussie p.” who has ever had any interaction with Great Directions • COMPLAINTS SHOULD BE SUITABLE FOR A GENERAL FAMILY AUDIENCE. • COMPLAINTS SHOULD BE CONSTRUCTIVE IN NATURE, SEEKING A POSITIVE RESULT OR COMMUNICATION. • There is nothing constructive about the comments posted, they are defamatory by nature, provide no basis for their malicious slander and will be used in the pending legal proceedings. • COMPLAINTS SHOULD INDICATE A DESIRED OUTCOME. • There is no outcome stated • No intent mentioned • Only an individual causing damage to the good reputation of our company and Director. Due to these multiple breaches, Great Directions request that the content be immediately publically removed, the original uploaders information, including IP address and email, be provided for pending legal action and the user be restricted from posting any further misleading and damaging content. Please also note that all information sent and or received, may be used in on-going legal proceedings. Mark Wilson (R.N.) Great Directions Australia Syd: (02) 9191 0390 Mel: (03) 9988 0888 Reception: 1300 875 277 Email: Web:

  • On the 2nd of October, our receptionist recorded the following
    02/10/2014 – Cristina J – Got a call from xxxx, he wanted me to let SM know that there will be a court proceedings regarding his complaint. It will be on 22nd of Oct at the Melbourne Magistrate Court at 10:30 am. Asked if this is all SM needs to know, client said yes and that his lawyer also sent him a notice at our Melb office. Called SM but got his VM, left a message in Skype to let me know when he is free so I can call. Was able to relay the message to SM via Skype.
  • On the 2nd of October, I called back the client to get the name of his solicitor, he refused to provide it.
  • We have since emailed Google, WordPress, the Police and my own legal representation.  Unless I am willing to spend $8,000 to $15,000 to suppress the blog and content, there is NO GOVERNING AUTHORITY AVAILABLE.
  • I asked the police about charging him with extortion, the Victoria Police said it was not “worth their time”
  • We have tried to ignore the blog, however the client continues to post content on it, and therefore it is gaining google rankings.
  • Please don’t make a decision on my good will and character until you have met with me personally and made up your opinion for yourself.

If you would like to assist me in the above (legally etc) – please contact me on 

Another way to assist is to NOT CLICK ON the links or websites.  The more times people click on them, the higher the clients website ratings in Google will be. 

I hope the above provides you with the EVIDENCE that the review sites that call me a “scammer” are NOT accurate at all.

Please review what some of our 5500 patients are saying in our testimonial section!