Scott Moore’s PRP for Hair Loss Review

Scott Moore’s PRP for Hair Loss Review

Hi!  Scott Moore here, I am the founder of PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions, and in case you haven’t seen how PRP has helped my hair loss, see above!

1st Photo = Taken in November 2012 (by the way I have grey hair so I colour my hair every 2 weeks) – notice hair bad the crown is.  Also my hair is long in the first photo – longer hair covers more scalp – but you can see more scalp in the 1st photo)

2nd Photo = Taken in November 2014 (scalp is not as red as compared with the first image + the hair looks healthier – I know it is darker because of the hair colour – but overall there is an improvement. But it took 2 years to get that result)  I coloured the hair 2 days before this photo was taken using Medium Brown Just for Men Hair Colour

3rd Photo = Taken in August 2015 (hair is visibly healthier! And I used Just for Men Medium Brown Hair Colour 2 days before the photo)

Look at the ends of the hair from photo 1 – 2 – 3 – the 3rd photo is visibly healthier.

I achieved that without finasteride, minoxidil, laser and hair transplants.  100% PRP by Great Directions and vitamins and a healthy diet.

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