Shampoos and Hair Loss

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Understanding the link between your Shampoo and Hair Loss;

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This Hair Loss Blog was written by Scott Moore at Great Directions Australia – 26th October 2015

Hi, Scott Moore here.  I am the founder of Great Directions and I have consulted to over 15,000 men & women who are experiencing hair loss.  I have also over seen 5500+ PRP for Hair Loss treatments as well.  One thing is clear to me, that using a quality shampoo and conditioner can enhance the results you receive when you do our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.   This blog helps to explain why your shampoo and hair loss could be related.   

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Can using a quality shampoo & conditioner help you treat your hair loss?

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Short Answer:   YES!

Detailed Answer:  

    • To grow a hair requires a hair follicle. Think of your hair follicle as though it is a plant seed. You can not grow a plant without a seed, and you can not grow a hair without a follicle.
    • Your hair follicle needs a healthy environment for it grow a healthy hair strand. For example, the plant seed needs NUTRIENT RICH SOIL in order for the seed to grow a healthy plant.
    • Therefore, any issues with your scalp/skin can impact the health & quality of your hair. For example, if the soil becomes dry (less hydration), then the plant can appear to be weaker & deteriorated.
    • We are taught to CARE for our skin/face on a daily basis.
    • CARING for our skin on a daily basis is the BEST way to prevent face and skin conditions from arising.
    • The same is required for your scalp
    • Ensuring your scalp is in optimum health is like fertilising the soil for a plant.
    • We don’t fertilise the leaves on a plant. We fertilise & hydrate the soil that surrounds the seed or roots of a plant.

Therefore, are you washing and caring for your SCALP or your hair?

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Get the facts on hair loss and PRP treatments with Australia’s 1st Hair Loss Clinic to perform more than 5500+ PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.

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Please note, your thyroid is an extremely important organ in your body.  If you experience any health concern, we recommend consulting a medical practitioner or health professional.  Although PRP for Hair Loss can assist in reducing the symptoms of hypothyroidism, PRP for Hair Loss does not directly treat hypothyroidism.  Please consult a medical practitioner if you would like to treat or address your thyroid health.