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PRP for Hair Regrowth and PRP for Skin Rejuvenation at Great Direction Clinics

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The Great Directions Difference

At Great Directions, we pride ourselves in offering a unique & premium service. For example:
• A lot of hair loss clinics offer free consultations as the only way to get information about their products or services, including their PRICES – however, it is just a chance for them to sell you their hair loss program.
• We book you in for an assessment, the purpose is to CONFIRM that you are a suitable candidate for our program.  To do that, we need clients to KNOW about our treatments and prices in advance, that is why we publish information such as:
– – – Ways to determine what is causing your hair loss:
– – – Compare & Review PRP to other hair loss treatments:
– – – Webpages that explain PRP: 
– – – Our prices are openly available:
– – – We thoroughly explain our GUARANTEE:
– – – Full Face Before & Afters:

– – – Free Videos that explain PRP in detail:

The reason we do it this way, is the consult is not an opportunity to SELL you a PRICE or COST of a treatment.  It is an opportunity to CONFIRM whether PRP is a treatment that can provide you with BENEFITS relating to the health of your hair or scalp.  That is why we call it an assessment.

The way we assess clients is the 1st Great Directions Difference.

In the hair loss industry, it is hard to find a company that offers a 100% Guarantee, instead they talk about SUCCESS RATES. Companies that use SUCCESS RATES or GROWTH RATES are NOT guaranteeing you a result, they are giving you an indication of the SUCCESS that allegedly average.  However, the SUCCESS RATE is never supported by INDEPENDENT STUDIES within the last recent years.  For example, one of the treatments that they offer you could be clinically tested.  However, if the clinic gives you the wrong information about treatment timings, how long you need to take it for, what dosage etc.  If the wrong information is provided, will the clinic provide you with a 100% Money Back Guarantee that their staff will give the right information?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if the treatments our staff recommend DO NOT ACHIEVE THE RESULTS WE TOLD YOU THEY WOULD ACHIEVE!  We only offer the guarantee on any of our current 12 month packages, however we KNOW the treatments will provide you with an improvement, if we DON’T know = WE WON’T ALLOW YOU TO BUY IT! 

Our Guarantee is the 2nd Great Directions Difference.

In the hair loss industry, it is common practice for clients to consume (or use) up to 6 or more products to address their hair loss concerns.  This is a great way to get you locked into purchasing MANY treatments. Therefore, if all treatments are started at the same time, it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine what treatment worked best, because MULTIPLE treatments were started at the one time.

At Great Directions, we follow the methodology = “Do 1 Thing. At 1 Time and Do It Properly The 1st Time”.  Therefore, we will introduce 1 x treatment at a time, allow that treatment enough time to “work” and then review/enhance or alter as it is required.

“Do 1 Thing, At 1 Time and Do It Properly The 1st Time” is the 3rd Great Directions Difference.