The Liver and Hair Loss

Understanding the link between your Liver and Hair Loss;

Answer written by Scott Moore at Great Directions Australia – 16th October 2015

The most common form of hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia also known as hereditary hair loss and genetic hair loss.  However, there is a link between the liver and hair loss as well.  To understand the link between the liver and hair loss, you need to understand how your body grows a strand of hair, see below;

How to Grow a Hair?

In order to Grow a Hair, you require;  

  • A Hair Follicle (the cell that actually grows your hair)
  • The right QUANTITY of Blood Supply
  • The right QUALITY of Blood Supply
  • And, Healthy Skin

All of the above elements are required in order to Grow A Hair Strand. If the QUALITY of the blood that the hair follicle received DROPPED, then the hair follicle will not be receiving the optimum QUALITY of Blood Supply that it requires to grow a hair.  For example, if your blood supply started to become more toxic, then the quality of your blood will decrease, and this can lead to weaker, thinner & finer hair AND increased shedding and hair loss may be observed.

Also, if your blood becomes less nutrient rich, this will result in a decline in the QUALITY of blood supply that your hair follicles receive, and this can also result in hair loss and hair thinning.

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About the Liver;

The liver is the largest internal organ in our body.  The liver is responsible for;

  • Extracting nutrients from the food and drink that we consume for example converts carbohydrates in glucose
  • Amino Acids from proteins that we have eaten are converted into other forms of proteins such as hormones.
  • The liver produces bile, that is stored in the gall bladder.  Bile is essential for vitamins such as A, D, E and K to be absorbed by the body.
  • Reduce toxin levels in the blood
  • Convert and Filter other toxins such as alcohol and medications into enzymes that can be circulated through the body.
  • Ammonia is created after the body consumes and uses proteins.  The Liver filters this out of your blood and turns it into urea.

The liver is like your bodies digestive “Sponge”.   It attempts to filter out the bad and harmful elements that we eat and drink.  [/list]

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Is there a link between the liver and hair loss?

YES!  There is a link between the liver and hair loss.  The liver is responsible for extracting NUTRIENTS from the food and drink that we consume.  Therefore, the vitamins, proteins and nutrients from within your blood supply that feeds your hair follicles the substance they require to grow hair can be reduced if the liver is unhealthy or suffering from liver disease.  

If you eat a balanced and healthy diet, yet your blood in not nutrient rich and/or has a high degree of toxins within the blood, this may be a sign that your liver is not functioning properly.   The liver is a critical internal organ that assists with extracting nutrients from the food/drink that we consume AND it assists in reducing toxins within the blood.  Therefore, lower nutrient levels or higher toxin levels within your blood will result in a DECLINE in the quality of blood supply your hair follicles receives, and therefore may result in hair loss and thinning.

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Is there a difference between genetic hair loss and hair loss caused by liver disease?

If the hair loss and thinning is isolated to the FRONTAL, MIDSCALP and CROWN regions of the scalp, and is not impacting the sides and back of the scalp, then the CAUSE of the hair loss and thinning is almost certain to be genetic.  

If the hair loss and thinning is NOT limited to one area of the head or body, and the hair loss is not appearing in circles or patches, and the hair loss/thinning is happening ACROSS your entire body, is may be because of your liver.  There are many other factors that meet this description as well, however this description can help you to seek out the right tests to validate if your hair loss is caused by your liver.

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Can you have both Genetic Hair Loss + Hair Loss caused by liver disease?

Yes,  It is possible to have both forms of hair loss and thinning at the same time.  It is possible to have Genetic Hair Loss that is ACCELERATED because of liver disease.  
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Can PRP for Hair Loss help you if you have an Unhealthy Liver and Hair Loss?

Yes.  The Liver is contributed towards ensuring your blood is nutrient rich.  Therefore, an unhealthy liver can result in a decline in the quality of blood your hair follicles receives,

Hair follicles are located in your skin, and therefore a decrease in blood quality = a reduction in the QUALITY of blood your hair follicles receive. 

PRP for hair loss involves sourcing the NUTRIENTS of the blood (the platelets and the plasma), and separating the nutrients from the red cells.  This creates a concentrated nutrient rich solution called Platelet Rich Plasma.  PRP is then directly given to the hair follicles that are weakened because of a lack of blood supply or a reduction in nutrient levels of the blood.  

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What results can PRP for Hair Loss help you achieve if you have an unhealthy Liver and Hair Loss?

At Great Directions Australia, we have safely and successfully performed more than 5500 PRP for Hair Loss treatments.  We have also helped over many people who have an issue with their Liver and Hair Loss.  Based on our results, PRP for Hair Loss can assist in targeting the following symptoms:

  • Prevent and Slow Down the rate of hair loss, hair fall and thinning caused by an Unhealthy Liver
  • Regrow your Thinning Hair Thicker because your unhealthy liver has caused your hair to become thinner & weaker.

If you would like to discuss whether PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions is suitable for you, please request a free consultation.

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Hair Transplants PRP for Hair Loss Great Directions Scott Moore