Thyroid and Hair Loss

Understanding the link between your Thyroid and Hair Loss;

This Hair Loss Blog was written by Scott Moore at Great Directions Australia – 26th October 2015

Hi, Scott Moore here.  I am the founder of Great Directions and I have consulted to over 15,000 men & women who are experiencing hair loss.  Many of the hair loss patients that I have consulted to and provided hair loss treatments for include Medical Practitioners, Doctors, Surgeons and Medical Professors and Scientists.  Recently a patient of Great Directions provided positive feedback about our Liver and Hair Loss Blog (View Here).  After providing his feedback, the patient mentioned that he was a doctor who specialises in treating the liver.  We continued talking about how an unhealthy thyroid gland can also impact hair loss.    

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Blood Supply and Hair Loss?

All cells in the body need to receive good blood supply for the cell to produce its optimum output.  

  • Blood Circulation (eg. the AMOUNT of blood that your cells receives)
  • Blood Quality (eg the NUTRIENT levels within your blood)

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Hair Loss and Blood Supply

The name of the body cell that grows hair is called a hair follicle.  A hair follicle uses the nutrients from your blood supply to grow hair.

  • A decline in blood circulation (amount of blood) = hair loss and thinning
  • A decline in blood quality (nutrient levels) = hair loss and thinning

Your thyroid gland can impact both of the above, and therefore an unhealthy thyroid gland can lead to hair loss.


About the Thyroid:

The thyroid gland is a small gland that is located in your neck.  The thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system of the body which is responsible for releasing hormones that help the body deal with stress and fatigue.  The thyroid gland releases hormones that help to control important body functions such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood Pressue
  • Body & Blood Temperature
  • Metabolism 

Any change in the above, can result in a change in the blood SUPPLY or blood QUALITY that your hair follicles receive.  Therefore, a negative change to any of the above, can cause hair loss.[/list]


Thyroid and Hair Loss

Is there a link between the Thyroid and Hair Loss:

If the thyroid is under-performing, this is called Hypothyroidism.  This means your thyroid is not releasing the hormones required by the body, and this results in:

  • Slower or reduced Heart rate
  • Lower or reduced Blood Pressue
  • Lower or reduced Body & Blood Temperature
  • Slower or reduced Metabolism 

Therefore, any negative change to your blood, will impact all cells in your body including your hair follicles. 

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Genetic Hair Loss vs Thyroid Hair Loss

The most common form of hair loss & thinning is known as Androgenetic Alopecia.  It is a condition that in inherited from your parents, therefore it is called Genetic Hair Loss or Hereditary Hair Loss.  Hair loss in this form is characterised by hair loss and thinning to the frontal, midscalp and crown regions of the scalp ONLY (see image to the right).  It is widely known that DHT causes this type of hair loss, however other factors that can impact your hair loss include anything that may impact your:

  • Blood Circulation (eg. reducing the AMOUNT of blood that reaches your hair follicles)
  • Blood Quality (eg reducing the QUALITY of blood that reaches your hair follicles)

Your body evenly distributes nutrients through the body, eg. Your heart doesn’t pump bad blood to the hair follicles on the top of the head, and not to the hair follicles on your body.  Therefore, if your hair loss is due to an unhealthy thyroid ONLY, and not a combination of genetic hair loss AND an unhealthy thyroid, then you should expect to experience thinning and hair loss across your entire body.

If your hair loss and thinning is isolated to the genetic hair loss regions (shown in image to the right), an unhealthy thyroid gland can ACCELERATE your hair loss, however it is not causing it. 

Hair Loss Genetic Hair Thinning

Can PRP for Hair Loss help you if you have Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss?

Yes.  Hypothyroidism which is the medical term for an unhealthy thyroid (or slow thyroid), reduces blood circulation.  One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is a reduced circulation and therefore resulting in feeling cold in your fingers or toes.  

Hair follicles are located in your skin, and therefore a decrease in blood circulation = a reduction in the VOLUME of blood your hair follicles receive.   In addition, hypothyroidism slows down your heart rate, further reducing blood supply to your hair follicles.

PRP for hair loss involves sourcing the NUTRIENTS of the blood (the platelets and the plasma), and separating the nutrients from the red cells.  This creates a concentrated nutrient rich solution called Platelet Rich Plasma.  PRP is then directly given to the hair follicles that are weakened because of a lack of blood supply or a reduction in nutrient levels of the blood.  

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What results can PRP for Hair Loss help you achieve if you have an unhealthy Thyroid and Hair Loss?

At Great Directions Australia, we have safely and successfully performed more than 5500 PRP for Hair Loss treatments.  We have also helped over 200+ people who have an issue with their Thyroid and Hair Loss (hypothyroidism).  Based on our results, PRP for Hair Loss can assist in targeting the following symptoms:

  • Prevent and Slow Down the rate of hair loss, hair fall and thinning caused by Hypothyroidism
  • Regrow your Thinning Hair Thicker because your Thyroid has caused your hair to become thinner & weaker.

If you would like to discuss whether PRP for Hair Loss by Great Directions is suitable for you, please request a free consultation.

Get the facts on hair loss and PRP treatments with Australia’s 1st Hair Loss Clinic to perform 8000+ PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.

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Please note, your thyroid is an extremely important organ in your body.  If you experience any health concern, we recommend consulting a medical practitioner or health professional.  Although PRP for Hair Loss can assist in reducing the symptoms of hypothyroidism, PRP for Hair Loss does not directly treat hypothyroidism.  Please consult a medical practitioner if you would like to treat or address your thyroid health.