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Treating Hair Loss can be confusing, expensive and frustrating!

We are proud to do it differently!

Our aim is to make treating hair loss EASIER, CHEAPER and FASTER

If you are experiencing hair loss, chances are you may be feeling confused and frustrated after having tried pills, potions, lotions, lasers and various shampoos.  And a simple search of the internet for hair loss treatments makes getting the facts even harder!   For example:

 Other hair loss clinics offer free consultations as the only way to get information about their products or services, including their PRICES – however we fully disclose information about our treatment and our prices so that everyone can read them without needing to contact us. 

• Consultation vs Assessment: Don’t get confused between these two words.  A Consultation is a fancy word for a Sales discussion with a consultant.  Whereas an Assessment validates that you are a suitable candidate for the product/service on offer.   We don’t offer consultations, we only offer assessments.  We request that clients view 1 x 20min video prior to being offered a Hair Loss Assessment booking.  The purpose of this requirement is to ensure the client has a thorough knowledge about our hair loss treatment program PRIOR to having an Assessment, that way we can focus more on each patients suitability as opposed to educating them on what we do.   

The reason we do it this way, is because we believe that an informed client = happy client.  Our hair loss assessments are an opportunity to CONFIRM whether PRP for hair loss treatments are suitable for you.    And whether our hair loss treatments can provide you with any of the benefits that we list as part of our 100% Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply)  – Click here to view more.  

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