More Reasons to Trust Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Clinics

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Reason #8: Every patient is uniquely different!

At Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Clinics, we understand that every hair loss patient is uniquely different.   Therefore, prior to each PRP for Hair Loss treatment, we assess every patient and customise their PRP for Hair Loss treatment to factor in their unique circumstances.
• Because we have performed 11,000 PRP treatments, we have been able to review and refine the PRP treatment protocol to maximise the benefits achieved by our patients, therefore we are able to provide a tailored and customised PRP for Hair Loss Treatment.  To view what is involved in a Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Treatment – Click Here

Reason #9: 350+ Doctors + Health Professionals receive PRP from Great Directions!

350+ Doctors, Surgeons & Medical/Health Professionals trust Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Clinics to receive their own PRP treatments.
• At least 6 of the people above offer PRP treatments at their own clinics, however they choose to come to Great Directions instead!

Reason #10: We don’t employ nursing agency staff

At Great Directions PRP for Hair Loss Clinics, all of our Nurses are employed directly by the company.   We don’t use or rely on temporary or agency nurses due to the complex nature of our PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.
At all times, our clinics are staffed by Qualified, Experienced & Friendly Staff including Registered Nurses


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